My Symptoms for Fatty Liver (NAFL Symptoms)

I have had symptoms that can be considered fatty liver symptoms for a long while before being diagnosed with the condition. Of course, back then I had no idea what these symptoms meant and they didn’t even seem too scary to force me visit the doctor. However, as with any disease, fatty liver is easiest to reverse when you catch it early on, so for any symptoms, you should visit your doctor.

But until we get there, you might now what the symptoms are for a fatty liver. I’ll go even further and share with you my symptoms for my fatty liver condition: the NAFL (non-alcoholic fatty liver) that I was diagnosed with.

Before we get there, it’s worth noting that many doctors say that a fatty liver won’t always come with symptoms. Some people say that if you have symptoms, the condition is in a very advanced state, but that’s not the case either. It probably depends from person to person, so you should not worry too much if you have many symptoms or none.

Now here are the symptoms I had before being diagnosed with a fatty liver:

– Pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, right under the rib cage. We’re talking about a pain that’s easy to live with, not too sharp, not something to write home about. I couldn’t connect it to things I ate or things I did. It was just a strange pain that came and went, sometimes lasting for hours, sometimes not being there for hours.

– Fatigue. I was always feeling extremely tired. Exhausted, actually, and I always thought that it was me working way too long – but apparently it was not (just) that. Usually, if you feel extremely tired, you might have some liver problems. Might.

– Bloating. I didn’t use to get bloated, but before deciding to visit the doctor, I was always bloated. I didn’t eat a healthy diet and I thought that was the case. It might be true, but it’s one of the symptoms that I had and it might be related to a fatty liver.

– Nausea. Again something that kicked off relatively late and as soon as it did, I decided to visit the doc. I was always feeling nausea after eating and I noticed that things were a lot worse after eating greasy foods. Conditions improved if I took pills to help digestion, but fortunately I decided to go check things out and I am glad I did.

As you can see, all these symptoms are really vague, and except for the pain in the upper right side of the abdomen (which I associated with my irritable bowel, actually) everything else can be easily ignored. As I said, if you have these symptoms, you don’t automatically have a fatty liver or any sort of liver problems, just as having no symptoms doesn’t mean you don’t have a fatty liver. But these were my personal symptoms and I decided to share them with you.

One thing I can easily recommend is to visit a doctor as soon as you have any symptoms, or whenever you feel or think that there’s something wrong. I delayed visiting the doctor simply because I was scared, but the sooner you find out about any problem, the easier it is to be treated.

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