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Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: Since starting this blog and sharing all my experiences with you, as well as learning a lot about fatty liver, I managed to REVERSE it. And now I am here to help you reverse it to. Because it’s possible. We’ll do this together!

Now this what I initially wrote on my “About me” page:

You can call me Lynn and I am the owner of the Fatty Liver Diary blog and most likely your suffering partner as we are both dealing with a really nasty condition: fatty liver.

I have been diagnosed with NAFL (non alcoholic fatty liver) during a routine check back in August 2014 and I remember now how mortified I was when I heard the doc telling me that I have this condition. I had no idea what a fatty liver was, but it certainly wasn’t a good thing, especially when the doctor told me “it’s a bit too soon to develop this condition”. I was almost 30 when I was told that I have a fatty liver.

Not knowing what this is all about, I did a quick Google search and found out after just a few minutes of reading that it can lead to cirrhosis and even more dangerous and fatal conditions (yes, I don’t even want to write that word!). I felt the sky breaking above me and I couldn’t help but start crying. I was terrified that I was going to die and I didn’t want to die at such a young age. I had just started a family and my son was 12 months old when I found the news. It was horrible and all I could think of was that I wanted to spend as much time with my family and my son, teach him everything I know and watch him grow into a nice man.

That was, without doubt, the worst moment ever in my life. My lowest low. My fatty liver.

After visiting a specialist and doing more investigations on my fatty liver, I was told that it’s not something extremely advanced. Of the three stages of a fatty liver I was at about “1.5” and according to the doctor, it was not life threatening at this level. Of course, it can get worse. And she said that I can’t reverse it, just keep it at this current stage.

But I want to get healthy! I want to fix this problem, I want to fix my liver, I want to make all the wrongs right and restart my life. So I did a ton of research on the internet and found out that there are many voices who claim that fatty liver can indeed be reversed. You need to follow a strict diet, you need to change your lifestyle completely, but it can be done – or so they say. For me, it was enough and all I wanted to hear about it. I am going to give it a try!

And that’s how I decided to create this blog. I am sure that every person that gets diagnosed with a fatty liver goes through what I went when I first heard I had it: panic, fear and confusion. This blog is here not as an expert’s opinion, not as other Fatty Liver blogs out there: Fatty Liver Diary is about MY trip to getting this awful problem cured and telling you all the steps that I am following in order to make it happen. I am highly motivated to do it and any problems I might encounter along the way (because probably not all choices that I make will be great) will be reported here. So that you know what works for a person who suffers from the same condition as you. And hopefully I will be able to help you reverse it and get in top health once again.

Here is for our success! Let’s make this work!