Can You Eat Sushi if You Have a Fatty Liver? [Complete Answer]

can you eat sushi with fatty liver

Sushi is a dish consisting of cooked rice served with raw fish and vegetables. While there has been no conclusive evidence of negative health effects of eating sushi for healthy individuals, some people might find it difficult to eat the popular Japanese food if they have fatty liver disease. Even though it does have fish … Read more

Stress & Fatty Liver: Is There a Connection?

stress and fatty liver

It seems like stress and the modern way of living go hand in hand. But could stress be one of the factors that might cause a fatty liver? Could it prevent you from reversing your own? Based on my personal experience and countless hours spent researching this topic, I can say I have the answer. … Read more

What Pain Reliever Can You Take with Fatty Liver?

painkillers for fatty liver

Probably one of the first things that we all learn after being diagnosed with a fatty liver is that taking over-the-counter painkillers is not recommended. At the same time, the quality of life would be extremely low if we are unable to treat our pain – no matter if we talk about a massive headache … Read more

Five Warning Signs that You Might Have a Fatty Liver

warning signs of a fatty liver

Most of the people visiting my blog have already been confirmed with a fatty liver. But some also have some symptoms or just signs that they might have one. Today, I decided to write this article about warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore – all of which might indicate that you have a fatty liver … Read more

Is Air Fried Food Good for Fatty Liver? [Answered]

is air fried food good for fatty liver

We have to change our way of eating and cooking after being diagnosed with a fatty liver. But, at the same time, we’d like our food to taste as close to what we used to eat before, right? That’s when air fryers come to the rescue! But are they really safe for fatty liver? Let’s … Read more

Can You Eat Chocolate if You Have Fatty Liver?

can you have chocolate with fatty liver

After being diagnosed with a fatty liver (aka NAFLD), we know we have to give up sugar and sweets. In my case, this was the biggest challenge. But does this mean we’re not even allowed to have low sugar chocolate such as dark chocolate? Recent studies found that dark chocolate might help those with a … Read more

Fatty Liver and Fatigue: Is there a Connection?

fatty liver and fatigue

If you’re feeling tired throughout the day and get sleepy faster than usually, this might be one of the symptoms or effects of your fatty liver. There are lots of other things that could cause the fatigue and fatty liver and liver related problems is one of them. In my case, extreme tiredness – up … Read more

Is Chicken Good for Fatty Liver? [Answered]

is chicken good for fatty liver

Many people believe that, once you’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver, you have to stop eating meat, including chicken. But that is not correct. Meat in general can still be part of a healthy diet for NAFLD. So… is chicken good if you have a fatty liver? Yes, you can still eat chicken with … Read more