Fatty Liver and Fatigue: Is there a Connection?

fatty liver and fatigue

If you’re feeling tired throughout the day and get sleepy faster than usually, this might be one of the symptoms or effects of your fatty liver. There are lots of other things that could cause the fatigue and fatty liver and liver related problems is one of them. In my case, extreme tiredness – up … Read more

Is Chicken Good for Fatty Liver? [Answered]

is chicken good for fatty liver

Many people believe that, once you’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver, you have to stop eating meat, including chicken. But that is not correct. Meat in general can still be part of a healthy diet for NAFLD. So… is chicken good if you have a fatty liver? Yes, you can still eat chicken with … Read more

Can You Eat Eggs with a Fatty Liver? [Answered]

eggs and fatty liver

Eggs are delicious and highly nutritional, being a favorite for many. But can you eat eggs if you have a fatty liver? Eggs are not part of the foods recommended for fatty liver, but you can eat them in moderation. If you suffer from NAFLD, you should not eat more than 2 eggs per week, … Read more

Diet Soda and Fatty Liver: Can You Drink It?

diet soda and fatty liver

Is diet soda permitted if you have a fatty liver? This is the million dollar question that we’re trying to answer today – and it’s not going to be easy! There are two sides when it comes to fatty liver and diet soda and, as you can imagine already, they are both at opposite poles. … Read more

Stevia and Fatty Liver: Is It Good or Not?

stevia for fatty liver

Stevia has been around for a while often dubbed as that miracle sugar substitute that comes with zero calories and no health risks. Today we’re looking at this sugar alternative from the point of view of somebody diagnosed with NAFLD: is Stevia good for fatty liver or not? Stevia was found to reduce fat levels … Read more

Erythritol and Fatty Liver: Can You Have It or Not?

is erythritol safe for fatty liver

When dealing with a fatty liver and trying to cut down the sugars, you will stumble upon erythritol pretty often as a safe sugar substitute. But is erythritol really safe for the liver? We’re going to discuss this in today’s article and find out whether you should use erythritol if you have a fatty liver … Read more

Is the Keto Diet Good for Fatty Liver Reversal?

Keto diet and fatty liver

There are various diets that work well when it comes to reversing fatty liver. From my personally tested and approved Mediterranean diet, to Paleo and others, you have different ways to approach it. But is the keto diet good for fatty liver reversal? Many people that have been diagnosed with a fatty liver are told … Read more

How to Beat Dieting Fatigue when Dealing with a Fatty Liver

beating fatty liver dieting fatigue

Dieting fatigue is a real thing when dealing with a fatty liver – or better said, with the actual lifestyle change that is required to reverse it. But it’s also something that has to be prevented if you want to succeed in your quest of reversing NAFLD. Because you’re in this long term and you … Read more