Reverse Your Fatty Liver Book Review

Reverse Your Fatty Liver – How to Naturally Heal Yourself by Jonathan Mizel and Susan Peters is probably the best book you can read when about reversing fatty liver disease naturally.

In today’s review of the Reverse Your Fatty Liver book, you will see why I consider it the best choice out of the plethora of books available out there, as well as what to expect to get from it. Hint: It’s a LOT!

If you don’t want to read the entire review, you can check out the book here.

Reverse Your Fatty Liver by Jonathan Mizel and Susan Peters offers a clear and easy to understand explanation regarding what fatty liver disease is, what might have caused it and what to do to reverse it naturally (which is also the way I reversed mine).

You have recipes, a liver detox plan… everything well put together by somebody who – just like me – was diagnosed with a fatty liver and reversed it.

And this is what makes this book so valuable: instead of offering generic info, like many programs out there do, it actually offers tried and tested methods from somebody who actually had fatty liver and reversed it.

While most, if not all the information in the program can be found online for free, scattered around the internet (including on this blog, Fatty Liver Diary), if you want it all nicely grouped together in a book that is easy to go to and through and proven to help you reverse your fatty liver, this is the program you need to try. You can check it out here.

Now let’s get a bit more in depth with the review and find out more about what you get for the money.

What is the Reverse Your Fatty Liver Book?

Just as its name suggests, Reverse Your Fatty Liver by Jonathan Mizel and Susan Peters is a program that collects all the information you need about the fatty liver itself, as well as what you have to do to naturally reverse it.

This is probably the most important part of the program: you’re doing it naturally, exactly as it should be done, by learning what to eat, how to eat and what other lifestyle changes are required in order to reverse your fatty liver as fast as possible.

This book (because that is what the Reverse Your Fatty Liver program really is) is extremely well organized, with an easy to follow structure, using terms that are easily understood by anybody: you don’t have to be a health specialist in order to understand what the author is talking about!

Even better, the writing style is absolutely great: motivational, as it should be in this case, so you’ll find it a lot easier to take action and do the things you should in order to regain your health and take the necessary steps to reverse your fatty liver.

The book starts with a general overview of your current problem, explaining what a fatty liver disease is, going through symptoms and many other generic things, steadily moving into specifics and actions that you should take in order to reverse it naturally, mainly focusing on you eating the right food.

You also have plenty of recipes that are great for reversing your fatty liver, as well as a meal plan to follow and to make it even easier for you to put what you have learned from the program into practice.

These two things are extremely useful and probably the biggest pros of the Reverse Your Fatty Liver program: the recipes and meal plan. This is probably the most difficult part for those who have just been diagnosed: knowing what to eat.

With this, you will always have tons of ideas and recommendations immediately available, with suggestions for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Add to this a week-long liver detox program that you might want to follow for an added health boost and you have a complete book about reversing fatty liver.

The most important thing is that, just like my blog here, the Reverse Your Fatty Liver program is written by somebody who was diagnosed with a fatty liver and reversed it.

success reversing fatty liver

That first-hand experience, like mine and Susan’s is what really ticks with me: why believe somebody who says they have the cure if they didn’t actually have to cure themselves first? If they did it, they know what you have to do as well. It’s as easy as that!

If you agree with my reasoning, then waste no time and get your own copy right now to turn things around and reverse your fatty liver ASAP!

You will be extremely happy that you found this program. It might seem a bit expensive at first – at the moment of writing, there’s a special price of $39.95 for the book – but if you think about the fact that it offers everything you need to know about reversing fatty liver, it’s actually a bargain.

If getting your health back is not worth $39.95 to you, things are going to be difficult.

But if you still don’t want to get it – at least do your health a favor and read most articles on my blog. They will help you greatly to better understand the condition you’re dealing with and how to reverse it.

Why is Reverse Your Fatty Liver so good?

Most – if not all – of the information available in the Reverse Your Fatty Liver book (except for maybe the recipes and meal plan) can be found online: on my blog, on other blogs or Facebook groups.

BUT the problem is that the information is scattered and you rarely know what to actually search for.

And just because of that, you might miss out on some really important details or a tip that would really give you the upper hand in your battle against NAFLD.

But in this book, you have everything that you need to know – from the basics to the more advanced stuff, from the theory to the actions you need to take – in one place.

It’s extremely easy to navigate through the book (you can even get a physical book if you prefer it that way, but you have to pay extra for shipping) and you have everything, well organized, in one place.

Yes, it is more expensive than free information, but in today’s world we don’t have the time to do all the research and we might not know exactly what to search for in the first place.

Plus, if you’ve been reading a bit already about fatty liver reversal, you probably came upon some contradictory information from various sources.

So the best way to approach this is to start reversing your fatty liver following a program that worked for others – and follow it closely from the beginning to the end!

Of course, the fact that Reverse Your Fatty Liver by Jonathan Mizel and Susan Peters is so well organized is not the only reason why I recommend it.

It’s also complete and extremely well written, offering solid advice on what to do to get healthy again.

The author’s voice is friendly and casual, yet extremely motivational. You’ll read this book and you’ll take action right away – there’s no doubt about it! And you’ll do the right things as well to reverse NAFLD!

And apart from the book itself, you will also receive constant updates from the author, including more recipes that are liver-friendly.

This alone is a huge win because we all know how difficult it is to find out new stuff to cook after being diagnosed with a fatty liver… but with this program, you’ll eat an extremely varied diet (and truly delicious things too).

All these things put together make me easily say that Reverse Your Fatty Liver is THE program that you need in your life if you’re serious about reversing your fatty liver.

How can you get your copy?

This is the easy part. If you want to get your copy of the Reverse Your Fatty Liver program, all you have to do is click here.

You will be taken to its website, where you will have all the details you need if what I wrote is not enough.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that you are making a completely risk-free deal, as this program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

You can test this program for 2 months and if you decide it’s not good enough for you, you can get your money back!

But I guarantee that you’ll love it and you’ll feel the difference after these two months (much sooner, actually), being closer to reverse your fatty liver.

Final words

Reverse Your Fatty Liver by Jonathan Mizel and Susan Peters is my favorite book about reversing fatty liver.

You learn everything you need to know, the writing is motivational so you’re less likely to stop following the advice given, and the advice itself is top notch.

Plus, you get those yummy (literally) extras, like the meal plan and plenty of recipes, as well as a detox plan that you can follow. All these will help you reverse your fatty liver disease faster and all naturally.

But if you still believe that the asking price is too high (although it’s NOTHING for getting your health back!) you should at least read my in-depth article that everyone should read after being diagnosed with a fatty liver disease.

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  1. Hi Lynn, Thank you for the article ans recommendation for the book. I just have one query- does the book have vegetarian meal plans?

    • While it doesn’t have a dedicated vegetarian meal plan, it has a recommended 7 day cleanse (basically a meal plan) that offers multiple options for each meal and yes, you always have vegetarian options. So there should be no problem for you if you are a vegetarian. It also has various vegetarian recipes as well.


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