Best Bread for Fatty Liver Disease (If You Can’t Stop Eating It)

Bread is a delicate subject when it comes to fatty liver. Generally speaking, you should stop eating bread if you have NAFLD. So if you can stop eating bread, just do it and you’re all good.

But in reality, this is very difficult to do, as bread is an important part of our diet, as it is the case of rice.

And this brings us to the important question – what’s the best bread to eat if you have a fatty liver?

The best bread to eat if you have a fatty liver disease is keto bread. Great alternatives include rye bread, whole wheat bread and sprouted bread. But even these should be consumed in moderation.

homemade bread

I’ve touched this subject for a bit when I shared my recommended fatty liver diet, but at the same time, I haven’t placed bread on the list of foods to stop eating if you have a fatty liver.

My approach (and keep in mind that I managed to reverse my fatty liver) was to still eat bread on an almost daily basis.

While I did have days when I didn’t eat any, I usually ate anything between one to three slices per day. Once in a blue moon I probably ate a bit more.

So in such small quantities – and especially by eating a type of bread that is as liver friendly as possible, you don’t really have to stop having it.

Sure, you can’t have the white bread you are probably used to, but you will see that the alternatives are not that bad. And this is exactly what we’re going to talk about today – liver-friendly bread alternatives.

Best Bread for Fatty Liver: What to Eat

In a previous article, we talked about eating bread with a fatty liver and why the regular bread is not healthy, so I won’t get into the details once more.

Now we’re here to find out which is the best bread to have with NAFLD and fortunately, we have some options.

They are all white flour bread alternatives – some easier to get than others, but at least you can still have some.

Remember: even with these healthier options, you should still keep the number of slices low, so try to have a maximum of three slices per day – the fewer, the better!

1. Keto bread – best bread alternative for fatty liver disease

ketobreads screenshot
Example of the tasty breads you will learn to prepare

I have recently discovered these types of bread and I am very pleased so far. However, have in mind that most keto breads found in stores are still not very liver-friendly, as they are prepared using preservatives and other chemicals.

I actually recommend baking your own – I found two ketobread recipe books that I wrote about here. Make sure to check them out.

Or you can get a pre-made mix like this one (affiliate link) which will help you bake a bread that is very similar to the real deal, but which has fewer carbs and is, therefore, much healthier.

The bread mix above, for example, still uses regular wheat (in a way), but it has all the starch – which is responsible for the high amount of carbs – removed from it. It still has gluten, so if you are on a gluten-free diet, it’s not for you!

2. Is rye bread good for fatty liver?

rye bread for fatty liver

This is what I had usually since I was diagnosed so many years ago – and what I still eat, even after reversing my fatty liver.

Rye bread is good if you have a fatty liver, as it offers a lot of fiber, which helps digestion and also has fewer carbs than regular white bread. So it’s the healthiest alternative.

The real problem with rye bread is the fact that it tastes horrible. No need to hide behind our fingers, because this is the true. Rye bread is bitter and just doesn’t feel like real bread.

This is why I prepared it by mixing rye flour with whole wheat flour. The latter is still acceptable (more on it later) and it makes the bread taste better.

For your loaf, mix 150 grams of rye bread with 200 grams of whole wheat flour, add dry yeast, salt and water and enjoy.

Of course, you could try making it from rye flour exclusively and see if you can accept the taste. It’s very bitter and the bread itself will be very dense, but if you like it like that, it’s even better!

In conclusion, rye bread is a good option for fatty liver – but make sure you bake your own at home or buy those that only use base ingredients.

Most rye bread in stores have added sugars, coloring and/or preservatives and some even have white wheat added.

So get your own rye wheat (affiliate link) and prepare your own at home. If you don’t like the taste, use the recipe I shared above.

3. Whole wheat bread for fatty liver disease

whole wheat bread

If you want the taste of your bread to be as close as possible to the regular white loaf you’re used to eat, then whole wheat bread is your option.

While it is still wheat that you consume, it’s still a lot better than the white flour, as it is not unnaturally bleached and it has more fiber, making the sugar absorption in the body take longer.

The good thing about whole wheat bread is that it’s also easier to find in stores. Just make sure that you buy one with healthy ingredients. Ideally, your bread should only have flour, years, salt and water.

Some seeds are also allowed, but there’s no need for anything else, like colors, preservatives, sugar of any kind and other highly processed and unhealthy ingredients.

Again, your best bet here is to prepare your own at home because you have control over the ingredients.

I recommend buying a bread maker like this one (affiliate link). You only need to add the ingredients and take out the bread when it’s done.

Bonus: The smell of freshly baked bread in the kitchen is absolutely amazing. This is how I’ve been preparing my bread at home using a bread maker since 2015 and the entire family loves it!

4. Sprouted bread

ezekiel bread fatty liver

This is another option that you have to the regular white bread. I am not entirely sure if you could bake this at home (I never tried it myself), but you have the Food for Life brand (formerly Ezekiel) offering an easy option (affiliate link).

This type of bread is made from sprouted whole grains, offering more nutrients than regular flour and being, therefore, a healthier option.

The sprouted grains bread doesn’t increase blood sugar levels as much as other types of bread, while keeping the carb counts lower. It’s not the easiest to bake at home or buy from stores, but it’s an option to consider.


As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to bread alternatives for fatty liver.

To recap, the best option is to eat rye bread. Mix the rye flour with whole wheat flour in order to keep it from being as bitter.

This is what I had for years now and what I ate during my dieting days (and I reversed my fatty liver!)

The recently discovered (by me at least) ketobreads are also a good option, but only if you prepare yours at home – it’s difficult to find a healthy one in stores.

These are harder to make though. With rye & whole wheat, you just add the ingredients in your bread maker and a couple of hours later, your bread is ready.

Remember – you should still eat this healthy bread with moderation. Try to keep your daily slices to 2-3 per day in order to help your liver recover and heal completely.

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  1. Was diagnosed with fatty liver. Reading about the bread is really good as I find it extremely hard to go without just need to buy a breadmaker and ingredients now.

  2. I reversed my fatty liver, and now eat whole wheat, Rye, or pumpernickel bread, but I miss my sourdough bread, is sourdough okay?

  3. I’m new to this. Thank you so much for all the info. Is multi-grain store bought bread a good choice? I was told wheat is not good for us. Told that years ago and have not eaten it since. Thanks in advance for any info.

    • It really depends – you need to check the list of ingredients. If it’s only whole wheats, water and salt (maybe some seeds and other natural things), then it is safe to eat. But most have preservatives, fats and many other baddies that we should stay away from.

  4. I live in a country where alternatives are hard to come by so my doctor recommended sourdough. Is this any better than regular bread?

  5. Was just diagnosed with fatty liver and I’m scared. I’m German so bread is my life.
    I am devastated but will make better choices when it comes to bread. It’s a crime how toxic American food is and nobody protest about that.

  6. Hi, I have diagnosed with fatty liver, also have very high cholesterol and calcium so not finding it easy. Anyways I have been eating 2 thin slices of sourdough bread is that a good option? I need to have a week example of what my meals etc should look like. HELP


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