Best Fatty Liver Bread Alternative: Ketobreads Are My New TOP Choice!

One of the most difficult foods to take off your diet after being diagnosed with a fatty liver is bread. This is an important part of many meals, so giving them up might seem like the end of the world.

But what if you really like eating bread? Well, you’re not alone and fortunately I found something that is both acceptable within a MASLD-friendly diet, but also very close in taste to the bread we all love: Ketobreads.

I found this approach to making bread while doing research for the best bread for fatty liver.

Even though there are some acceptable flour-based options out there, Keto Breads are my new top choice. Just read on to find out more about them and why I love them.

What are Keto Breads?

ketobreads book cover

These are keto- and paleo-friendly bread recipes (also pizza crusts, crackers and more!) that will help you keep eating something that tastes and feels as close to “real” bread as possible, but a lot healthier, liver-friendly and also gluten free.

The good thing is that you don’t need to follow a keto diet (I’m actually NOT a fan of keto to reverse fatty liver) in order to appreciate these breads. But no matter if you do or don’t, they are actually great, low in fat and tasty. Also easy to make!

Now, let’s find out more about Ketobreads and why you should invest in getting the book to learn all the secrets inside – especially the recipes.

My impressions about Ketobreads

Before discovering these alternatives to traditional bread, I was actually struggling a bit with my bread intake for fatty liver.

Even though I have reversed my condition, I still want to eat healthy and since I always had a thing for bread (and pizza!), I find it frustrating that I have to say no to bread. Well… after discovering this, I no longer have to!

Short story first. I stopped eating bread when I was diagnosed with MASLD (back then, it was called NAFLD). However, after reversing it, I started to eat some bread.

It was always a struggle keeping the amounts I had under control. Eating a bit more started a snowball: the “one slice” made my body to ask for more and it turned into “two” or maybe “a bit more just this time.” The risk of slipping and ruining my diet was real.

And this is when a keto bread will come to the rescue. You will get what you need or crave – which is delicious bread – but without harming your body and without feeding it the tons of carbs that grains have which trigger the chain reaction that might get out of control, ending with you eating more than you should.

Keto breads are made without grains and therefore have minimum amounts of carbs (which are responsible for weight gain and make us want even more sweets).

ketobreads screenshot
Example of the tasty breads you will learn to prepare

At the same time, unlike most bread alternatives, they taste GREAT and are also gluten-free, but still packed with fiber.

Sure, they won’t be identical to your favorite, fluffy but filled with chemicals white bread – but they will be amazing.

And the best part is that whatever you lose in terms of flavor and texture compared to traditional bread you win (tenfold) in terms of health.

So definitely get your copy of the Ketobreads today and start baking all sorts of delicious treats.

You will get heaps of recipes that will teach you how to bake fatty liver friendly bread alternatives like: bagels, sandwich bread, banana bread, a super pizza crust, zucchini bread and much, much more (35 in total).

Ketobread loaves
Examples of healthy bread alternatives you will be able to prepare. Don’t they look great?

All the recipes featured inside have a maximum of 5 grams of carbs each! And since sugar (aka carbs) must be kept under strict control if you’re working to reverse fatty liver disease, it’s a great thing!

All these are healthy, low carb breads that are the results of 20 years of experience that the book’s author, nutritionist Kelley Herring kept improving over and over again until she reached perfection – perfection that is shared with us today.

As a specialist in nutritional biochemistry, she took all the science she studied and put it into her baking. As a result, these breads are not just low carb and healthy, but also tasty!

You get a complete set of instructions on how to prepare each bread, but also full nutritional information, so you know exactly what you eat. This is perfect to keep track of those calories and macros for your fight against fatty liver.

These gluten free bread alternatives promise to be the healthiest options you have when it comes to bread alternatives.

Unlike regular white bread which has a higher glycemic index than soda or chocolate (source here) and even your regular gluten-free breads which are still loaded with carbs, the breads you will bake following the Ketobreads recipes will have a maximum of 5 grams of carbs per 100 grams. That is, in other words, very safe.

So indulging your bread cravings has never been easier and healthier, without any of the side effects and negatives of consuming bread.

You will be extremely happy that you found this, like I was after all these years of trying hard and suffering from the restrictions.

yummy cookie alternatives for fatty liver
Get ready to start eating healthy, gluten-free treats too!

Sure, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to eat pounds and pounds of bread each day, but you won’t have to completely eliminate them from your diet either.

You will also be able to eat a bit more than you would with other bread alternatives, which is a win in my opinion. And not to mention the fact that you will learn to prepare some treats for snack time too!

Final words

While I am not really a big fan of the keto diet in general, I have to admit that this way of baking is actually really good for those suffering of a fatty liver and a perfect, healthy bread alternative.

So do head over to the KetoBreads website and learn what they’re all about. I am sure you will be convinced that it’s worth spending a small amount for the book (filled with tips, but also the most valuable part – 35 recipes!) which will help you get past this challenge of reversing your fatty liver.

The book is available in digital format or physical format. I preferred the latter simply because I am a bit more old school and like to see things on paper.

Plus, it’s a lot easier to follow the recipes this way – but you can choose whichever version you like better. There’s no other difference than the way they’re delivered (digitally vs. traditional book).

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the breads you can bake following the instructions! I am really curious to see if you will enjoy them just as much as I did.

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2 thoughts on “Best Fatty Liver Bread Alternative: Ketobreads Are My New TOP Choice!”

  1. Having grown up in a Slavic family, rye bread was a staple. Perhaps that is why its unique taste doesn’t bother me. I find it best for tuna salad, anything that has cabbage like stuffed cabbage rolls, cabbage soup etc. Not a bad grilled cheese either.
    However, I’ve found what are considered the best breads too expensive. When you have little money to spend, that .99 loaf of white bread will have to do. Besides the Ezekiel line (which was great when I could afford it), there is Paleo Kitchen and their products. Fabulous but again, too expensive.
    People have been eating bread as a staple for untold centuries, and riots have even occurred over this necessity. I think any bread made closest to what our ancestors ate (and keeping in mind it was bread made without any preservatives and from plants that often came nowhere near what is grown today) it is unfortunate that what is best for us is the most expensive, save for rye.

    • I totally agree. Almost everything that is healthy is more expensive than the less healthy alternative. But with a bit of work, we can still do it and keep costs under control.


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