Fatty Liver & Alcohol: Can You Still Drink?

If you have been diagnosed with a Fatty Liver – a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD – then you might believe that since it’s not alcohol that caused your liver problems, you could still consume it moderately or socially. In the end, what damage can a glass of wine, after dinner, cause?

Apparently, a lot if we’re talking about a sick liver or, as it might be better said in the case of a fatty liver, a liver that’s under a lot of stress. So, unfortunately, you should not drink alcohol AT ALL if you are suffering from NAFLD and even after reversing the condition, you should try to limit the intake or keep it at zero.

Why is alcohol bad for a fatty liver (and even for a healthy person’s one)? According to Drinkaware, there are two main reasons:

1. Extra liver stress: when the liver breaks down the alcohol, the chemical reaction damages its cells, leading to inflammation and scarring.

2. Alcohol also damages our intestine, allowing bacteria from our gut to enter the liver and damage it even more.

In other words, alcohol does a lot of damage to our livers. If healthy ones can handle a bit of pressure when the alcohol is drank in moderation, a person suffering of a fatty liver doesn’t need the extra stress and damage. We’re trying to repair that, remember?

So no alcohol is permitted if you have a fatty level, even if it’s a NAFLD we’re talking about. And trust me, it’s not that difficult to completely eliminate it – I haven’t touched a drop in more than three months and I don’t feel the need to.

Don’t forget to check out my free fatty liver diet guide for even more guidelines on what to do and what to eat (and avoid) when you have a NAFLD.

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