Try to Eat as Much Organic Food as Possible if You Have a Fatty Liver

In August 2014, I have been diagnosed with a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and just seven months later I managed to reverse it, improve my overall health and be on the right track to having a completely healthy liver. If you have read my previous articles, you already know what type of diet I followed (to sum it up, eating healthy and regular portions, no excess of anything) but what you might not know is that there’s one type of food that’s way better than others when it comes to eating healthy and eating to improve a fatty liver: organic food.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most of the food available in stores and markets – even farmer markets – nowadays is full of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, while many of the crops have been genetically modified to grow larger, faster and in non-natural conditions. This mixture of chemicals is unhealthy even for an otherwise healthy individual. But if you’re also suffering from a fatty liver, things get even more dangerous as all these chemicals affect the liver.

So my advice? If you’re suffering from a fatty liver, eat as much organic food as possible. Even though organic food is usually not more nutritious than regular food, it lacks the chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers) that make regular food such a bomb for our liver and general health.

Unfortunately, most organic food is extremely expensive and since not everybody is Bill Gates, we can’t really afford to eat only organic. BUT we should try to eat as much as possible and below I am sharing with you a few of my tricks that I used in the months since I’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver to eat organic food without spending a fortune:

– Visit farmer markets and local farmers. Some won’t use pesticides and/or just natural fertilizers for their fresh products. Since most are not certified organic, this is risky, but a risk I was always willing to take. Talk to the people selling their products, find out how they grow their crops and use common sense when buying (way too large and good looking products are usually not organic).

– Start small with the cheapest products. I first started to buy products that, even though more expensive than non-organic varieties, last a long while. Start with spices (this set is insanely affordable and comes with 24 jars of different organic spices), then organic pasta and black rice. You will use these products over a few months, and the financial shock won’t be that great.

– Buy in bulk. Usually, the more you buy, the better the prices – and a good example are all the products I recommended above.

– Keep an eye on discounts and stock up. If we’re talking about products that don’t spoil quickly, you should buy as many as possible when they are available for special prices. I always keep an eye on Amazon’s organic products and buy in bulk. I really recommend you do the same – it requires a bit of getting used with all the products and prices (you should write them down for further reference!) but all this hard work is really worth it because, in the end, it’s your health that you’re taking care of!

Finally, remember that “organic” does not automatically mean “healthy” when you have a fatty liver. If you are buying processed foods, even if they are organic, they can be still very high in fat or sugar – so always make sure to read the label or, even better, ignore processed foods completely and buy the base ingredients. Start slow and adjust your budget accordingly. You will see that once you get used to it, eating mostly organic is not that much more expensive than regular food.

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