I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Fatty Liver. What Now?

This marks the beginning of my new life: in August 2014, I was diagnosed with a fatty liver (a nonalcoholic fatty liver aka NAFLD – now named MASLD). This marks the moment when my life changes. It has already changed. Completely.

At first, I was mortified and confused. When I heard my physician say that my liver was enlarged, that I had a fat build-up inside… I literally thought that I was going to die.

I knew nothing about this and even though the doctor assured me that it’s not a life threatening condition in its current state, I had all the black clouds gathered above my head already and I barely managed to keep myself from crying until I got home.

That was the moment when I had my revelation. I love to eat, I love tasty food (aka unhealthy food), I love always to feel my tummy full and I always want to try new things.

And, with so many amazing products available everywhere around us, I always had something to satisfy my needs.

But then, right after the moment I had been told that I have a fatty liver, while hiding away in a room and crying, I realized the most important thing in life: even though I was sad because I thought I was going to die, I wasn’t actually sad because I would no longer be able to taste all the delicious foods that I ate until then; my greatest fear was not even the fact that I would cease to exist – the only thing that I was thinking about was that I won’t be there for my son.

I have a newborn son and the simple thought that I wasn’t going to be able to see him grow, to teach him everything I know, to enjoy spending time with him, to see him going through college and getting married and all the joys in between… knowing that this was not going to be possible was breaking my heart.

And then I realized, I understood what I should’ve known already: that family is the only joy that I have in life.

Not a huge, tasty burger, not the most outstanding plate filled with exotic foods, nor my favorite beer during a night out with friends.

Family is everything that matters and that’s what I live for. And I have to fight for this with all that I’ve got!

Of course, I started to surf the internet and I indeed found out that having a fatty liver is not a life threatening condition.

There are a ton of people who have it and more and more develop this condition because of the lifestyle we’re living.

It shouldn’t be ignored either, as it can lead to some really serious health problems and eventually life threatening conditions, but just as my doctor said, we can still do something about this.

Fortunately, I have had my revelation already and I was ready to fight it. Probably you are too if you’re reading this blog!

So, I’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver. I got scared, I panicked, I cried and I had my revelation. What now?

Now my new life begins. Now your new life begins. Because things will never be the same when you have a fatty liver. At least not if you want to right the wrongs.

As a side note, I am not 100% sure at the moment of writing this, about 50 days after being diagnosed, that it’s a condition that can be cured.

My doctor said that it can’t, but it can be kept at this level and not allowed to evolve.

Over the internet, things are different and there are many claims that a fatty liver can be reversed or cured. In the end, the liver is one great organ in our body that regenerates and therefore, in my opinion at least, can get cured.

And that’s all I need to know for my glimmer of hope and for starting my fight to reverse fatty liver.

Update: It’s reversible! I managed to reverse my fatty liver! And this blog has all the information you need to replicate my success. Just use the search function or browse through all the articles and you will do it too!

I have shared everything that I have done, all my findings and struggles – and I will keep doing so, researching, getting more knowledgeable in this area and sharing with the world all that I learn about reversing one’s fatty liver.

Back to the original article now…

I am here to share my trip and results with you!

My approach will be similar to what everybody recommends to those with a fatty liver: I will go on a healthy diet and reduce the amount of fat I consume, as well as the sweets.

I will stop drinking any alcohol (I wasn’t a big drinker anyway), I will stop eating any fried foods and store-bought foods like instant foods, cold cuts and basically everything that has preservatives and unhealthy stuff.

I will also reduce my intake of sugar and instead switch to eating fruits as dessert, which will be difficult as I never was a huge fruit fan.

Finally, I will lose weight: thanks to my diet, I am losing weight without the need of any exercise, but as soon as that stops, I will start exercising daily to reach my ideal weight.

I was not extremely fat, but I have been obese for quite some time. When I started my fatty liver died, I weighted 210 pounds (95.5 KG) for a 5.11 guy (1.82 meters).

Now I am losing weight and I am already feeling better. Hopefully my liver is doing a lot better too and I truly hope that I will make this thing go away.

And this blog is here just for that: to track my progress, to allow me to share all my tips and advice on how to treat and reverse fatty liver and to hopefully show you that it can be done, without you suffering too much for your old life style.

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2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Fatty Liver. What Now?”

  1. All I can say is thank you for creating this phenomenal resource for those of us who are finding ourselves diagnosed with NAFLD. Your post resonates with me so much! I too loved all my decadent foods (and soda, lattes), but it was amazing HOW EASY it was to change my diet when I found my life could end, and I was faced with no longer being a mom to my beautiful 7-year-old daughter. Sadly, when I knew I was wrecking my body with my habits before, NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING could motivate me 🙁

    I was so depressed and did not care. I just wanted to feel good. So this has been a mixed blessing for me, I guess you could say. I was so afraid I was going to die that first night I found out. It’s a huge thing to find out. I cried so hard and then I took the advice of my doctor (which was minimal) and carefully researched, solid info from the internet; now I’m working on a new life!


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