Fatty Liver and Garlic: Should You Avoid It or Eat More?

My parents have been born in an Eastern European country and it seems that people living in that area of the world have a strong belief: don’t eat too much garlic, as it damages your liver. You can imagine that I grew up with this concept in mind and the first thing I did when I was diagnosed with NAFLD was to completely eliminate garlic from my diet.

Several months later, after reading a lot and doing my own research, I found a really surprising thing (at least for me): garlic is actually good for your liver and is said to have healing properties. So, in the end, is garlic good or bad for fatty liver? We’re going to talk about this in today’s article!

There are many voices and specialists who agree that garlic is very good for the liver – and this includes the fatty liver as well. According to an article on LiveStrong, for example, we find out that garlic is full of allicin which is a powerful antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-fungal substance. It is also rich in other similar sulfur-containing compounds, like alliin and ajoene, all of them with numerous benefits to the liver’s health.

But things don’t stop here! Garlic is an important source of Arginine and Selenium which help the liver in detoxification and helps lower blood pressure in the liver. It’s basically the antioxidant value of the garlic that helps the most since they help keep levels of toxic substances in your body low.

In order for garlic to maintain all of its beneficial properties when it comes to the fatty liver, it should be crushed, chopped or minced before eating or adding it to food. When cooking it, add garlic last, after the cooking is complete otherwise it will lose many of its properties and enzymes.

After finding this, I added garlic back to my diet and it surely didn’t do any harm. It probably helped, since I managed to reverse my fatty liver eventually, by following my strict diet. But being able to use garlic when cooking your food is a huge advantage because it enriches the taste so much and adds variety to our diets.

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  1. Agree with you Lynn! Besides selenium and arginine, garlic also contains other healthy components such as vitamin C and vitamin B6. In some cases, garlic can diminish total cholesterol as well as low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is the cause of fatty liver disease.

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