How to Reverse Fatty Liver in Seven Months (My Own Experience!)

I am back with some great news – especially for me, but also for those who have been diagnosed with a fatty liver. I just came back from my ultrasound appointment and my fatty liver has improved tremendously, with the doctor saying that it’s starting to look like a healthy liver. This proves that with some research, some extra will power and lifestyle changes, fatty liver CAN BE REVERSED. And trust me that knowing that you can become a healthy individual once again is extremely satisfying.

So how did I do it? How did I reverse fatty liver in seven months?

For those who are not regular readers of this blog, I’ll start by saying that a bit over seven months ago I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver (NAFLD). It wasn’t very advanced (it was considered stage 1.5 – so not 1, but not 2 either) but it still was there. I also had far in my pancreas and fat was deposited on my kidneys, while the liver itself was enlarged and I was feeling miserable overall.

Since I was close to my 30th birthday and the idea of having the fatty liver evolve into cirrhosis and maybe even worse brought me down to tears, I decided to do everything that I can to give me a chance at a normal life again and I decided to completely change my life and reverse fatty liver. I was sure that it’s possible.

I knew that the main reason behind me being overweight and having so much fat accumulated in my body was the way I was eating, so I decided to switch to a completely healthy diet – not extremely restrictive, with moderation in mind, but one that completely eliminated some extremely dangerous foods (I never ate anything fried in oil, stopped drinking all types of soda and I have completely stopped drinking alcohol). I moved to fat-free cooking even though now I am sometimes adding a bit of extra virgin olive oil to my foods but only after they are cooked and I started to notice the results immediately. Read more about my fatty liver diet here – I strongly recommend it to everybody as it’s pretty obvious that it works!

I started to lose weight instantly and even though it wasn’t the easiest job in the world – I still had cravings and felt a bit hungry at times, but it was all worth it. I also allowed myself to cheat every now and then: not during the first month when I wanted to live a completely healthy life, but afterwards once in two weeks or maybe once per week I allowed myself a small piece of cake or ate a bit more than usual. Three months later I had my first pizza (vegetarian, because I am no longer eating cold cuts, salami and such) and yesterday I drank half a glass of Coke. Fortunately, I didn’t like it at all I don’t plan to drink any soda anytime soon. The secret is to stick to your new life plan.

Finally, a couple of months ago I started going to the gym – three times a week for 60 minutes of cardio exercise only. If you can go more often, it would be even better. The exercise won’t help you lose much extra weight at this point, but helps to keep you healthy and especially helps with the insulin resistance you might have developed to a lower or higher degree already. So I consider exercising a must as well – if you can’t go to the gym, at least walk at a fast pace for 30 minutes EVERY DAY.

As pills or supplements, I only took milk thistle and recently started drinking organic green tea: they might or might have not helped, but they certainly did no harm!

So what were the results?

As I said, my latest ultrasound appointment went extremely well, just like my blood tests. I was extremely worried and pessimistic that the doctor would have bad news, but she actually congratulated me and encouraged me to share my story with everybody else suffering from a fatty liver to prove them that it can indeed be fixed. So here I am!

Following the ultrasound, the doctor found out that my liver was now normal-sized (the left lobe was initially about 1 inch larger and the right lobe about half an inch larger), while a lot of the fat disappeared from my liver – although there was still a noticeable but slight steatosis. You can’t completely heal years of fat accumulation in just a few months, but you can clearly improve that condition a lot and keep on working on it.

Also, my pancreas had minimal fat infiltrations and had also reduced its size to a normal size, while the fat on my kidneys was completely gone. In other words, my body recovered a lot and was on the right track to being as healthy as it was before I started to bombard it with all the extra fat. Which is something amazing to know.

My blood tests also came with better results (even though mine were initially within the normal values, even though at the top end, close to abnormal): my cholesterol was reduced by 12 points, while the high-ish glucose levels started to look a bit better, going down almost 4 points.

In other words, in just 7 months, my body made some incredible recovery and is on the right track to getting healthy. Apart from that amazing news, I also feel a lot better! Having lost 36.5 pounds during these months also makes me look a lot better and makes me feel so good with myself – also giving me the strength to keep on going and lose the extra 11 pounds required for me to get to my ideal weight.

All in all, it’s all worth it! I was unhealthy, miserable, fat and a complete mess – all built up over the years of poor food and lifestyle choices. I almost couldn’t believe it that just 7 months almost brought me back to being a completely healthy person and it proves how much our way of living matters – and gives me the power to keep on going. Because no lifestyle change is good unless you stick to it. I used to be fat and unhealthy, now I feel amazing and you can do it too. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than you might think it is!

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  1. Great news. I was recently diagnosed (after gallbladder surgery with basically the same thing as you. I have not had anything greasy or red meat in a month. Mostly because everything made me sick. But with my fatty liver scare I am going to continue my clean eating. Glad to find your blog!

  2. Because I could not find a diet for for fatty liver disease; I simply looked up each food I wanted to eat and asked if it was fatty liver friendly? If it was fatty liver friendly I could eat it. That also lead to a very scimpy diet. I lost 62 pounds. My doctor was not happy. That was too much for my age. I ended up having to use a medicine for something else that made me hungary so I gained 15 pounds back. She is happy with that. Now I need to come up with a better diet so I don’t gain more back. I also need more of a variety. I was just on here checking to see if popcorn was fatty liver friendly and surprised to find something about a fatty liver book.

    • What I believe is that moderation is what actually is fatty liver friendly ๐Ÿ™‚ Most foods won’t do any or much harm if consumed with moderation. Just make sure that you stick to your diet, have a varied one and you’ll be just great. It’s pretty obvious to me that you are on the right track!

  3. I had fatty liver and lost weight. A year ago I gain so much weight. I went to my doctors and it appears it is back. I have an ultrasound next week.. I am 26, 272 pounds and scared.

    • Unfortunately, sticking to the diet after getting rid of the fatty liver is vital and very difficult. I am sure that once you did this already, you can reverse it again and never gain that weight again. It can’t be done otherwise! Good luck!

  4. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease around 15 years ago. My liver enzymes were always really high. My doctor told me to eat less fat. so I did and nothing changed. Just last year I was diagnosed with type2 diabetes. I adopted a low carb-high fat diet, reversed my diabetes without drugs and completely reversed my fatty liver disease, all in 4 months. There is no longer any trace of inflammation or damage. Sometimes the best way to heal is to ignore what your doctor tells you and do your own research.

    • Great, inspiring story, Violetta! Thanks for sharing that with us. Did you take any supplements or did something that you think mattered more or it was just the low carb diet that you followed?

      • I also took milk thistle seeds and burdock & dandelion root infusions. In the past, when I have taken these for my fatty liver, my enzymes came down, but the fat remained in my liver.

        • Hi Violetta,

          I need to reverse my fatty liver fast (I have the high enzymes as well). I am also trying to adopt a low-carb high fat diet. Do you mind sharing with me what you would eat daily? I just need something to compare my plan to. Did you lose weight in that period? Thank you so much!

  5. I discovered this page browsing for some fat liver diet recipes and wow, amazing insights. Instantly bookmarked it.

    I was diagnosed last week with NAFL after a routine scan ; an intense health scare to me :(. I can totally see myself in your experience ( e.g normal blood tests results) so the diagnosis was a shock. I weighted about 87 kgs ( a bit overweight, ideal weight being around 80)

    Changed my diet since the diagnosis, started already to lose weight, and signed up to a gym.

    So far it’s great, feeling more energetic, can concentrate better and overall I feel good. Thanks for posting the progress and diets, it’s very motivational. I dream of my next scan ( due in 1 year) to recheck my condition. Hopefully it can be reversed.


    • Sticking to the new way of living is the most difficult part here – but it’s your health that matters and I am sure you will. It’s actually a new style of living that you won’t want to revert away from. Good luck and I am sure your next year’s scans will be way better!

  6. Hey Lynn on August 20 i started to feel a bit sick so i went to the Doctor took an Ultrasound and whole blood count. The whole blood count showed everything is normal,my doctor was quite happy about that so was i.

    Heart normal.
    Sugar levels.Normal. “Amazingly as i just three months ago i had quit sugar and soda pops cold turkey”
    Etc normal.

    So the Ultrasound results came back with something like “Impressions Fatty Liver Infiltration”
    Doctor mentioned that i was very bloated and that i had over 90 pounds close to the risk area.

    My doctor also mentioned something relating to Junk Food in the Ultrasound results? so i also got confused when he mentioned that i was bloated and my system had of Junk Food?

    But in General my two family doctors weren’t very concerned about it. They only told asked me if i had changed my diet and how many soda pops i had being drinking.

    I had started something like a low carb diet but i need energy so i am eating seafood per week and chickens sometimes.

    What do you Lynn think? how long does the reversal usual take?

    And yes i to would be sticking with this healthy diet forever. I am done with junk food and take outs.

    As i am writing this i am no longer bloated! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward for a reply!

    • I was bloated as well, but I was still eating bad foods when I found about it ๐Ÿ™‚

      Regarding the reversal, I can’t really say. I guess it depends on your current health state, how severe the fatty liver is and what you eat and how much you exercise. But the important thing, in my opinion, is that if you’re following the diet and never getting back to bad habits, you WILL reverse it. I think that the fact that you’re no longer bloated is a great sign and shows that improvements have been made.

      You can still get carbs from fruits, which I recommend eating plenty of each day. Also, cut high saturated fat foods in case you didn’t (it seems that you did, but just saying this to make sure).

      Keep up with this and you’ll beat this soon!

      • Do you believe i caught the fat liver early? whats your impression on the ultrasound? that has being making my anxiety worse though.

        Thank u so much my friend.

        I have being eating healthy everyday will continue to do so.

      • “how severe the fatty liver is ”
        Well at least i know from what i got from my family doctors they werenโ€™t very concerned about it.

        I am also to Young to be ill! 30 years old my friend so hoping that i am able to reverse it:)

        Also i dont have any of the end stage Symptoms. So lets pray i will able to reverse it ๐Ÿ™‚

        By the way what are the Symptoms of a healing liver? or liver returning to normal?

      • Hello Branco,

        It does seem that you caught it early if the blood test results were fine. I was also diagnosed when I was 30 and reversed it in the mean time – so you can definitely do so.

        Doctors make the mistake of downplaying the importance of a fatty liver, ignoring the fact that it can cause major complication and even lead to serious problems I’d rather not talk about here ๐Ÿ™‚ It is true, it would take many years and there’s a chance it won’t evolve into something worse, but we’re too young to risk it.

        No matter what doctors say, a fatty liver is not a healthy liver – and we want to be healthy in order to be able to fully enjoy life.

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