Monthly Shopping List for Fatty Liver Reversal: Healthy Foods to Order Online

One of the top questions that I receive from people who are diagnosed with a fatty liver is: what to eat? Everybody has to change their diet, but when you start out you are still not sure if you are allowed to eat this or that.

Therefore, I have decided to write this epic article where I will share a monthly shopping list for clean eating to reverse your fatty liver.

This list becomes even more useful during these times when we are forced to spend more time indoors and regular grocery trips are rare and products difficult to find. Buying online is the safest bet right now.

Still, a monthly shopping list for fatty liver is very difficult to create because different people have different eating habits (and they usually have to be changed).

For example, more caution has to be expressed by those who are on special diets (like those suffering from diabetes, vegans or those who eat without gluten) so a shopping list that works for everybody is impossible to make.

But this one will surely be extremely helpful to most – if not all people – who are wondering what to eat and what to buy in order to make sure that they’re choosing the best things for their livers.

Plus, you can buy everything online which is even safer!

This monthly shopping list will help you a lot when it comes to changing your diet and switching to a healthy, fatty liver friendly one and guide you through buying products that are still healthy, even though they come in bags or such.

Most of these foods are either raw ingredients or have no preservatives, extra chemicals, added sugars or all the things that we don’t need in our lives, especially after being diagnosed with NAFLD.

And although not all of these foods will work well for everybody, this is probably one of the most complete shopping lists for NAFLD out there, so definitely check it out.

Just pay attention to any special requirements you might need – these are not taken into account here (stuff like diabetes, allergies, special dietary requirements and so on).

And the good thing is that everything’s easy to purchase straight from Amazon. You can add just some of the products recommended below or all of them.

Make sure to only buy things you would normally eat or you plan to eat – there are a lot of things to choose from anyway and there is no need to hoard or buy stuff that you will throw away because you don’t like them.

Also, have in mind that even though this is listed as a “monthly shopping list,” you might end up needing to buy some products more often, while others will be bought less than once per month.

You can even sign up to have them delivered monthly, so you don’t have to worry about reordering!

But one thing is clear: unless you are on a special diet, all of these foods are safe for fatty liver and give you a very solid starting point when it comes to buying healthy food and eating healthy in order to reverse your NAFLD.

Thanks to this epic list that took several hours to create, you’re one step closer to making it happen!

I will be sharing some notes where appropriate – but just check out the products below and add them to your shopping bag and order them to kickstart your way to a healthy, fatty liver friendly life. So let’s get this started!

IMPORTANT: Many of the products won’t show if you have an Ad Blocking plugin enabled in your browser. If you want to see all the products, please turn off your ad blocker for Fatty Liver Diary (this blog!)

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this article. However, this does not influence the price or the products I recommend.

Fresh vegetables and fruits

We’re starting with the two food families I consider the foundation of a healthy diet for NAFLD: fresh vegetables and fruits.

Although I usually prefer to buy them from nearby grocery stores in order to pick and choose, these are special times and you can fortunately order these on Amazon.

When it comes to vegetables, anything goes as long as you keep your diet balanced.

Keep the potatoes and sweet potatoes consumption low and get a fair share of beets into your diet (they do wonders for your liver), as well as onions, peppers, zucchini, avocados, garlic and so on.

Try to eat seasonal vegetables (Amazon has a nice seasonal vegetable bundle on offer) and you’re already on the right track. Browse through their offer of fresh vegetables here.

When it comes to fruits, you can also eat everything that’s fresh and ideally seasonal. You should consume more of the fruits that are lower in sugars (like blueberries, strawberries and all the other berries) and less of those with tons of sugar (like bananas, watermelons, grapes and so on).

But in the end, our body is used to consuming the sugars from fruits for thousands of years and I wouldn’t really worry too much about what fruits to eat as long as we keep quantities under control and there are no other special dietary requirements (like diabetes or allergies).

You can browse through the large category of fresh fruits on Amazon here.

Although fruits and vegetables should be the things you eat the most, there is so much more to eat when you have a fatty liver.

And unlike the first two recommended categories that I think you will prefer buying from physical grocery stores when possible, the ton of recommendations below are better ordered online.

Just open the ones you consider buying in a new tab or window (opens in one by default), add them to your cart then come back to this page to check out the rest of the recommendations.

You will probably end up with a large shopping basket, but remember that you buy these for a month or even more! And for your health, so it’s all worth it! Best part? If you don’t find the exact same product, you can find a replacement instead!

Buy healthy snacks for fatty liver

These work great as snacks and you have multiple options above. I personally prefer the dry roasted peanuts and other seeds because they don’t have added oils, but the Planters Deluxe mix is yummy too.

You can get more, of course and eat small portions for breakfast or as a snack – but keep portions under control as all seeds and nuts have high fat contents and lots of calories! You can choose alternatives too, just make sure there are no added fats.

Now let’s check out a few other healthy snacks you can have:

All the products above are highly recommended and I am sure you will absolutely love them. I am a big fan of the Health Warrior chia bars and I wrote about them on numerous occasions here on this blog and I would start with them as they can definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

I also eat the seaweed and tortilla chips, but be careful with the latter and don’t overeat because, even though healthy, they still pack a solid punch in terms of carbs. These are healthier treats, but don’t make the regulars!

I got the snacks out of the way, because I know that this is the most difficult part of a fatty liver diet: finding healthy snacks for in between the meals. This should have you covered!

Base ingredients

Now that we’ve managed to get the snacks out of the way, let’s focus on a few extremely important things you now need to have in your home when cooking: apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and some sort of sweetener.

I recommend Stevia which does pure wonders thanks to its minimal impact over the blood sugar levels, but if you want to go a more traditional way, I have recommended below some raw, unfiltered honey or maple syrup. It’s good to have a bit of each at home on all occasions and use as needed:

Next, I’m going to link to more individual products. I am trying to keep them grouped as logically as possible, but it’s very difficult to work with such a huge shopping list for fatty liver foods, so you’ll still have to browse through all of these in order to make sure that you’re getting all the goodies.

Organic rolled oats

Perfect for a quick breakfast – just boil them in water (maybe add a bit of milk for extra flavor) and add some fresh berries, some coconut flakes and cinnamon and a bit of honey and you’re ready for a nice start of your day! Get them here.

Chia seeds

You can prepare some amazing puddings from chia seeds and they can easily replace your breakfast cereals (or just offer a nice alternative). Chia is considered a superfood and you must have them at home when it comes to maintaining a balanced, healthy diet for your fatty liver. Get them here.

Here are other base ingredients that will come in handy and are worth having at home:

Now, even though in most cases canned food is not ideal for fatty liver, I found these products to be as natural as possible and good choices overall:

I have to insist on the most delicious olives you have ever tasted – once you go Kalamata, you won’t like anything else. I always have some of these olives at home and they always come in handy – they have a long shelf life too!

Beans are extremely useful and another great food for those suffering of a fatty liver. You can go for the canned version if you prefer a quick salad or side dish, or go for the dried ones if you want to prepare them at home. Or go with both to keep your pantry stocked!

And we also have those delicious crushed tomatoes (the crushed, fire roasted ones are absolutely delicious) to round things up.

Canned fruits

When it comes to canned fruits, it’s difficult to find varieties without added sugar, but not impossible. Dole makes some great pineapple cans in 100% pineapple juice and blueberry lovers will be happy to find options as well.

Instant soup

Usually, when it comes to pre-made foods or microwaveable ones, things look really bad if you’re on a healthy diet. Apart from the fact that these foods are generally tasteless, they have a ton of chemicals, preservatives and sugar.

Fortunately, this soup is just like it should be: natural, organic, with no preservatives, no chemicals… just pure awesomeness. I spent a great deal of time searching for something like this and I am happy I found it and even happier to share it.

I still believe that it does not beat something freshly made at home, but sometimes you don’t have time for that. And for those moments, we have this option. So try one of the three and find your favorite. Click here to get it.


Many people stay away from pasta and products made of wheat, but I didn’t and I still managed to reverse my fatty liver.

I believe that moderation is key so as long as you don’t eat more often than once per week (or even rarer), pasta won’t really hurt you. Just make sure you go for integral wheat pasta since it’s healthier. Here is my recommendation:

Peanut butter

We’re rounding up this epic shopping list for fatty liver-friendly foods with something for the soul: peanut butter. Make sure that you get our recommended products, because most peanut butters out there have added oils (hydrogenated oils, to make things worse) and sugar among other things on the ingredients list, making them extremely unhealthy.

My recommendations only have peanuts (organic peanuts, too) so they’re the best you can get on the market:

Spread The Love Organic Peanut Butter

Get it here

Cheaper Organic Peanut Butter

Get it here

What about meat?

Meat consumption should be limited to very lean meat (fish, chicken, turkey or lean pig meat). I would stay away from most cold cuts because they usually have preservatives and I would only buy fresh to prepare at home.

When it comes to meat, it’s best to buy your own from a local source or a nearby store – it’s difficult to get fresh meat from Amazon right now, so that is why I have decided to stay away from it. But definitely consider adding lean meat to your diet to keep things varied and protein intake high!

If you really don’t mind meat from a can, this is my favorite canned tuna and this is great tasting fish as well (Salmon).

And this would be it for now! This is my epic shopping list for fatty liver friendly foods.

There are still a lot of things that you can buy in order to keep your diet balanced and extremely varied and this list alone proves that we do have a ton of options when it comes to eating for a healthier liver.

Remember: you don’t have to buy all the foods listed above, just pick the ones you enjoy the most (or get them all!)

They will help you go for a balanced, healthy diet and represent most of the things you should eat when suffering from a fatty liver.

There are still other things that you should buy fresh from your grocery store – but everything else, or at least most of everything else, is covered here.

Just make sure to come back each month and select the products you need. This way, eating clean for your fatty liver will be a lot easier!

The products above are what I eat and what I recommend others to eat for a healthy, fatty liver friendly diet.

Please share this article!

23 thoughts on “Monthly Shopping List for Fatty Liver Reversal: Healthy Foods to Order Online”

  1. Omg! Thank you for posting this. Sincerely.

    I was recently diagnosed with NAFLD and feel like I’m going out of my mind trying to figure this whole healthy eating and exercise thing out. Other factors are contributing to my insanity such as my PCOS, and disabilities like plantar fasciitis and ligament laxity which make it painful to exercise normally. Your blog, and this list, are like the silver lining of a cloud. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to get started on this and heal my liver. <3 You have definitely gained a new fan.

    Much love,


    • Thank you, Midge! I am really happy to hear that you find this useful. I am sure that, despite the other health problems that you’re dealing with and which make this a bit more challenging, you will be able to reverse it if you stick to the diet and exercise as much as your body allows you to.

  2. I too am so thankful for your thoughtfulness in making this information free of charge and providing me with the much needed guidance and hope during this start up phase in my “heal my fatty liver” journey.

    • Very happy to hear that, Marilee! A good start and sticking to it means that you’ll manage to reverse it faster – so good luck on your quest! You can do it!

  3. Thanks very much for the above information. I have just been diagnosed with fatty liver and am now beginning to try and twist my brain around the diet requirements. I was wondering about dairy products. I picked up a few fresh cobs of corn today but I can’t imagine eating it without butter on it. Also, I drink regular black tea frequently and like milk and sugar in it. Stevia should be fine for the sweetener but what about the milk and is the tea itself ok to have?
    Thanks again for the info! 🙂

    • Sorry for the late reply, Shayne!

      Regarding the tea, I would say that the sugar is much worse than the milk – as long as you use low fat milk (1.5% fat, for example). So that with pure Stevia should be fine.

      Regarding the corn, you will unfortunately have to get used to eating without butter. Or at least give it a few months of intense dieting, then once you are in a safe weight zone, add as little as possible for the extra taste.

  4. Firstly, thank you Lynn for your guidance into this whole new world I have found myself in recently, having been diagnosed with NAFLD and high cholesterol! I’m based in the UK and a lot of the foods you list aren’t available on our shop shelves, but at least it’s given me an idea of what to look for and how to gauge what is good and bad for my fatty liver. One question: I don’t really like green tea, but love peppermint tea. Would peppermint tea have the same effect as green tea?

    • Wendy, I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. But you’re on the right track, taking the measures you are and doing this research. This is the easiest way to reverse the condition.

      Regarding the peppermint tea, I haven’t read any studies about it having the same effects as green tea. However, peppermint is known to have antioxidants called flavonoids, which are in turn responsible for helping the liver (these are also present in green tea as well). So, even though there are no studies for this, peppermint tea could actually help.

      My recommendation? Why not try a green tea / peppermint combination? This way you get the taste you like and the benefits of drinking green tea.

  5. Few typos (poweder and slamon) on the post and link for the Amazon olive oil does not yield any results. Great article overall! Thanks!

  6. What about soy products like unsweet soy milk, soy packaged products like Chicken bits but fryed in an air fryer? What about beef filet? I have been following a Vegan diet for about a year and made myself anemic and my doctor told me to eat red meat until we get the blood count up. Some Liver sites seem to recommend almost a paleo diet and I am confused about this also.

    • I wrote about the paleo diet and that would work well too, indeed. I personally have nothing against soy products and I consume them every now and then (not their biggest fan either).

      As long as your doctor told you that you need to eat red meat, do that. Stick to the leanest meat possible though and mix it up with veggies high in iron, as well as seafood (clams & oysters have a LOT of iron, for example).

    • For the iron:
      one cocoa seed per day – chew it well!
      Beetroot, orange, apple, and carrot juice
      Avoid drinking black tea and coffee at least one hour before and after u eat or drink foods that contain iron.
      The iron needs vitamin C to bond so drink orange juice when u eat iron reach food.

  7. Hi
    Thank you so much 🙂
    Could you recommend any bread also butter replacement. If not the best I could have sparingly.
    Kind regards

    • Hello,

      For bread, I would recommend ketobread. I wrote about them here:

      Regarding a butter alternative, I would not switch to margarine which is really unhealthy. I personally started spreading yogurt (3% fat, no sugar added) on bread instead of butter and it works pretty well. If you can’t do it, try with something thicker like sour cream or keep using butter, but way less than before.

    • Try the Melt butter products. They are plant based (dairy and soy-free) but they are excellent butter substitutes if you are trying to avoid dairy and they have a creamy butter taste so they work well on toast.

  8. Thank you so much for this resource! I was diagnosed several years ago but after recent cervical fusion surgery I realize my longevity is in part dependent on what I put in my body and other healthy behaviors. So I am starting a new chapter and using this wonderful site to guide and encourage me.

  9. Recently diagnosed and lost in the world of things I can have vs. what I can’t. I appreciate this site so much, it’s been super-helpful as I learn to navigate my new world. <3 Thank you!


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