Fatty Liver & Losing Weight: Weight Control and How to Stay Motivated

One of the most important – and at the same most difficult – things to do after you’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver is losing weight. Most of the people I have talked to have had this problem and I have struggled as well over the years.

Usually, everybody is extremely motivated early on and the first few months, maybe six, maybe one year, we manage to keep on track but eventually most of us start getting back to the old habits and gaining weight can happen almost over night. I am here to share with you a simply trick that I use which will help you get motivated and, even more important, will help you stay at the ideal weight for NAFLD reversal.

Because one of the biggest dangers for those who suffer from a fatty liver – even those who manage to reverse it – is getting it back. Reversing the fatty liver after losing weight and sticking to a new diet and a new way of living doesn’t mean much if immediately afterwards you resume a chaotic lifestyle and start gaining weight again. Most people doing so will get their fatty liver back and cause more damage to their livers. So it’s vital, it’s essential to keep your weight under control for the rest of your life!

And here is one easy trick that I use, one trick that is deceptively simple, yet extremely useful. It’s the one thing that helped me keep my weight under control, kept me motivated and kept me going on with my diet and keeping my weight at or close to the ideal number:

Get a scale, measure your weight daily and keep a diary of your weight!

This thing is more powerful than you can imagine! And it is vital to measure your weight daily, not weekly, not now and then, not every couple of days. Every day, every night, after splurging on a Saturday when you simply can’t say no to that cake, as well as after saying no to a deliciously-looking cake three days after. Measure your weight every day and this will not only keep you motivated, but it will teach you a lot about what to eat and what not to eat.

Even better, if you have just been diagnosed with a fatty liver, get a scale ASAP (recommendations below) as it will motivate you even more. I used this method about a week after being diagnosed, after my doctor recommended it to me and it was awesome. Early on, if you are overweight, you will lose weight like crazy. Simply looking at those numbers will make you feel awesome and depending on your weight, it will last for about a couple of months. Each day, you will see lower numbers, you will see the results of your hard work, you will feel better and you will have all the reasons in the world to brag.

But you will also see the effects of stepping away from the path. You will learn that splurging on a pizza and soda, and maybe grabbing a desert will mean an extra 2 pounds on your body for the next couple of days. You will see what a chocolate bar can do to your body, you will see what eating a lettuce salad for dinner instead of steak will mean. You will learn what to eat and you will do your best to stay on track!

This has helped me massively on multiple occasions already. I started at 210 pounds and lost weight extremely fast during the first couple of months. I was proud of myself and I loved looking at the paper I kept writing my weight on (because, yes, early on I did it the old way writing down numbers on paper). I eventually got to my ideal weight, which is 165 pounds. Then I left on vacation.

I had no scale there and I promised myself to reward me with everything I want, even though I ate a lot healthier and way less than I would normally eat on vacations. But I had managed to reverse my fatty liver, I was in great shape, everything was good. Nothing could go wrong!

Except it did! I was shocked to see, when I got home after 10 blissful days, that I had gained 11 pounds during the vacation. I was still looking good and still my overall weight was not bad at all. But this was the problem: I had no idea I had gained so much weight! If there wasn’t the scale to tell me, I would’ve been happy with the outcome and maybe during the next vacation I would’ve eaten the same and added 10 pounds more. Then I would’ve said yes to an extra cake, ate more burgers and pizzas because I could’ve said that I won’t gain that much weight.

But there was the scale there, telling me otherwise. There was the data prior to the vacation telling me otherwise. And I started to lose weight again – much slower than I did before, but I eventually got back to my ideal weight. Because the scale and the numbers keep you on track. They somehow keep you motivated!

And if early on I was using a pen and a paper to measure my body weight, I soon switched to modern technology which is even more useful: there are scales that measure your weight, as well as provide you with other data (like body fat, water in your body and so on), but also do an extremely important think: they automatically transmit the data to your smartphone, wirelessly, so you don’t have to do the writing or worry about losing your papers. You can always check it out and keep track of your progress. It’s amazing and extremely helpful.

Here are two scales that are extremely good and they both offer similar features, allowing you to keep track of your weight with the help of your smartphone:

Withings Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale
Yunmai Body Composition Bluetooth Scale

But in the end, it doesn’t really has to be one of these smart scales! Any type of scale goes, as long as you will actually write down your weight and keep those papers to always be able to check them. I still have the paper I first wrote my initial weight on: 210 pounds and I love looking at it, then compare it to my current numbers which are always around the 165 mark. I couldn’t have done it without this simple trick and I am happy to be able to share it with you. So put it to good use and reverse that fatty liver!

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