Fatty Liver: Healthy Snack Ideas if You Have NAFLD

When I speak with people diagnosed with a fatty liver or a NAFLD, their main complain is that their diet is extremely restrictive and they don’t have anything to eat. And having in mind that my recommendation (and not only) is to eat at least 5 times per day, that could become a problem. However, the truth is that when it comes to a fatty liver disease, the diet is not as strict as in the case of many other diseases and we have a huge variety of foods that we can eat.

I have already shared with some great fatty liver breakfast ideas, but now it’s time to move to an area where people are usually lacking inspirations: snacks for those suffering from fatty liver. Since you can’t just grab a bag of chips or crackers or anything that we normally call an easy snack, things might seem a bit complicated at first, but the truth is that we have a huge variety of foods to try here as well, and I am sharing with you below some healthy snack ideas for NAFLD.


01 fruits

Fresh fruits are my favorite snack ever since I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. We need all the vitamins and minerals from the fruits and they make for great snacks. One banana, one apple, one cup of blueberries, a couple oranges or a couple peaches – just pick your favorite and enjoy the delicious snack. Don’t overeat and, extremely important, eat only the fruits of the season for an extra punch of vitamins and minerals.


02 vegetables

I admit, I don’t consume this snack as often as I should, but raw vegetables could make a great option and I doubt you’ve tried it too often. Turn into Bugs Bunny and munch of two carrots, eat a whole pepper or a cucumber – you have nearly endless options here, so go wild! Just as in the case of fruits, it’s best to go for in-season vegetables.


03 yogurt

You might consider yogurt as nothing but a dressing, but it can also be a great snack. Go for plain, low fat yogurt and only if you want to spice it up a bit add a couple teaspoons blueberries or eat it with a home made cracker or half a slice french toast rye bread.

Nuts and seeds

04 nuts

Again, you can go wild here: nuts, groundnuts, caju, pistachio, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds… anything goes and you can mix and match to your liking. There are two extremely important rules here: don’t overeat as they are really high in calories and fat, but it’s good fat (so just a handful as a snack, and just once per day) and don’t go for the varieties that are fried in oil. Go for roasted nuts or seeds or raw.


05 crackers

Ideally, you will only eat home made graham or rye crackers (here is a recipe, but replace the oil with extra virgin olive oil and use less), but if you’re not the greatest cook in the world (not that preparing crackers is difficult), you can at store-made varieties as long as they areas natural as possible and with as few ingredients as possible. Go for varieties without added flavors, preservatives and other unnecessary stuff.


06 popcorn

Before you start jumping up with joy, remember: make your own popcorn and use no fat. Just get the corn and prepare it yourself in the microwave or in a pot. You can add salt, and if you don’t want to prepare it at home and you buy it pre-packed, never eat popcorn with added fat, butter or other flavorings.

Chia Bars

07 chia bars

I absolutely love these chia bars that are extremely healthy (packed with Omega 3 oils), high in protein and low in sugar and gluten free. They also taste amazing and they are not expensive. You can go for my favorite, the Health Warrior Coconut Chia Bars or for the Peanut Butter variety.


08 smoothie

You can mix your own ingredients into a delicious smoothie, or follow the liver-cleansing one I’m sharing with you here: 2 beets, regular size, 2 carrots, 2 cups leafy greens (like kale or spinach), one peeled lemon (to remove all the “trash” that its applied on them in the supermarkets), 1 apple for the taste and a bit of water. Mix those into a deliciously healthy smoothie – or make your own.

So there you have it – some fresh and nice ideas for fatty liver snacks. Of course, these are not all the options that you have and if you have time to cook at home, you can prepare your own snacks, just use your imagination and the internet and you’re all set.

Pretty soon you will find out, just like I did, that the fatty liver diet does not limit your options too much and you can still eat an extremely varied diet after throwing away all the trash that you used to eat.

7 comments on “Fatty Liver: Healthy Snack Ideas if You Have NAFLD

    • Things have to change when you get diagnosed with a fatty liver, unfortunately and we have to do with what we get. Carrot sticks or cucumber slices actually make up for a great snack!

  1. I agree with Tom. I have just been diagnosed and finding it really hard to find snacks. I have a lot of fruit then i was told to be careful as it has a lot of sugar.
    I hate veges and salad, but i have been trying my best. I have tried to cut down on sodium and sugar. I have one cup of bush tea in the morning with no milk or sugar and as much low sugar fresh fruit juice as i can.
    not enjoying this diet at all =(

  2. Just came back from my doctor discussing diet for NAFLD. He told me my main exclusion should be fats. He suggested I err on the side of carbs rather than fats. Since this is probably a lifestyle diet, it must be sustainable. My first 4 months will be rigid diet and then I will add things in small portions that I find I can’t live without. Make your changes as you are able to sustain. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.

  3. Officesaid: Has your GP been hiding under a rock or something? A high carb diet with liver disease? What a joke.
    Listen, go to utube and google advice on liver disease. Follow Dr Berg or Dr Sandra Cabot. Goodluck and ditch your dumbass GP.

  4. Just a thought on what to eat. When the French are making their geese fat for foie gras, they force feed them lots of carbs. They don’t give them healthy fats, fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds. They feed them corn in huge quantities. So it would make sense that smaller portions of healthy, whole foods would help us to get some fat off our body and out of our liver.

    I’ve been researching since I was diagnosed with NAFLD. Sugar and carbs in excess are stored. Balance is what we need. High Fructose Corn Syrup must be eliminated and sugars of all sorts need to be closely monitored. I have a very bad relationship with sugar, I love it, it hates me.

    It certainly isn’t easy to change from eating whatever I want to whatever is good for me, but I want to be healthier and out of pain.

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