Fatty Liver Normal Blood Tests: So What’s the Problem?

Before I was diagnosed with a fatty liver, I took some blood tests recommended by the doctor because I wasn’t feeling well. The tests came normal or at least nothing there showed signs of extreme worry: my cholesterol was indeed a bit high, but still not on the red. So was my glucose, and everything else was within the lines and looking good.

Just from looking at my blood tests, nobody could’ve said that I have a fatty liver. The only way to diagnose it is by running an ultrasound and if you want to know exactly the severity of it, you can go for a biopsy or a pretty expensive blood test (FibroMax) which is also accepted generally as an indicator.

It is true, most of the people suffering from a Fatty Liver don’t have normal blood test results – and they usually have high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, but high levels don’t automatically mean Fatty Liver, just as well as normal blood tests don’t necessarily rule it out. As it was my case: apparently healthy, but not quite there.

Now I wouldn’t go and suggest to get an abdominal ultrasound just because your blood tests are normal. Of course, if that’s the case, this most likely means that you are well and healthy! But if you have any of the symptoms of a NAFLD, go get it checked out. Don’t let it be too late because the sooner you catch a fatty liver, the easier it is for you to reverse it.

Being overweight also should ring the alarm and you should regularly get an ultrasound if you don’t want to lose weight. I was 210 pounds when the fatty liver was discovered (pretty much for a 6 foot man), and been there for years. So if there’s fat on your belly, you might have fat in your liver too!

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