Should You Go Vegan / Vegetarian to Reverse Your Fatty Liver?

One of the constant questions that I received from people interested in reversing their fatty liver is this: Should I become vegan or vegetarian in order to reverse my fatty liver? And since this is a common concern that many people have, I decided to write about it in today’s article and hopefully help you … Read more

Does Milk Thistle Help Reverse Fatty Liver?

Milk thistle for fatty liver

Of all the dietary supplements that are supposed to help you reverse your fatty liver disease, Milk Thistle is probably the one that you hear about most often. But is it really that good? Does Milk Thistle help reverse a fatty liver? We’re going to talk about it in today’s article. Hopefully this will help … Read more

Liver Friendly Superfoods Great for Reversing Fatty Liver

Regularly consuming these liver friendly superfoods that I am sharing in today’s article will help you reverse your fatty liver faster and keep your liver in a better condition for the years to come. Make sure that you include all the foods listed below in your diet and try to have them as often as … Read more

Best Fatty Liver Diet Approach: Cook Your Own Food!

There are just a bunch of foods to cut off your diet when dealing with a fatty liver, but this doesn’t mean that everything else is permitted or can’t cause further damage to your liver, especially if you don’t eat those with moderation in mind. Basically, after talking to different doctors and spending countless hours … Read more

Fatty Liver & Losing Weight: How to Stay Motivated

One of the most important – and at the same most difficult – things to do after you’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver is losing weight. Most of the people I have talked to have had this problem and I have struggled as well over the years. While this is normal – everybody will … Read more

NAFLD & Wine: Can You Drink Wine if You Have Fatty Liver?

“I can stop eating bread, I can stop eating sweets, but don’t take my wine away!” This seems to be the thing that many people who are being diagnosed with a fatty liver say or think. But, shouldn’t you really stop drinking wine if you have NAFLD? This is exactly what we’re going to talk … Read more