Liver Friendly Superfoods Great for Reversing Fatty Liver

Regularly consuming these liver friendly superfoods that I am sharing in today’s article will help you reverse your fatty liver faster and keep your liver in a better condition for the years to come. Make sure that you include all the foods listed below in your diet and try to have them as often as … Read more

Best Vitamin Supplements for Fatty Liver: What Should You Take?

On most cases, following a healthy diet for fatty liver like this one I used to reverse my condition, will be enough to offer your body enough vitamins and minerals to keep a good, healthy balance and reverse NAFLD. But sometimes, a bit of a boost or extra help is extremely welcome. Especially early on … Read more

Full Fat Milk or Skimmed Milk / Low Fat Milk for Fatty Liver?

Milk is an important part of most people’s diets, but after being diagnosed with a fatty liver, the confusion begins. Are you allowed to drink milk or not? If you drink milk, should it be full fat milk or skimmed / low fat? I’m going to answer these questions in today’s article so read on … Read more

What Fruits Can You Eat if You Have a Fatty Liver?

Fruits for Fatty Liver

When talking about fruits and fatty liver, people usually get mixed responses and that can be confusing if you have just been diagnosed with a fatty liver. Some say that some fruits are better, some are worse. Some say you should eat as many fruits as you want, other say that you shouldn’t eat any … Read more

Can You Eat Bread if You Have a Fatty Liver?

Is bread bad for fatty liver featured image

Most likely, before being diagnosed with a fatty liver, bread was an important part of your diet. But can you keep eating it now that you have a fatty liver? That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in today’s article! I’ll have to start by saying that getting a short, clear answer like “yes, … Read more

Best Fatty Liver Diet Approach: Cook Your Own Food!

There are just a bunch of foods to cut off your diet when dealing with a fatty liver, but this doesn’t mean that everything else is permitted or can’t cause further damage to your liver, especially if you don’t eat those with moderation in mind. Basically, after talking to different doctors and spending countless hours … Read more

Fatty Liver & Losing Weight: How to Stay Motivated

One of the most important – and at the same most difficult – things to do after you’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver is losing weight. Most of the people I have talked to have had this problem and I have struggled as well over the years. While this is normal – everybody will … Read more