Diet Soda and Fatty Liver: Can You Drink It?

diet soda and fatty liver

Is diet soda permitted if you have a fatty liver? This is the million dollar question that we’re trying to answer today – and it’s not going to be easy! There are two sides when it comes to fatty liver and diet soda and, as you can imagine already, they are both at opposite poles. … Read more

Stevia and Fatty Liver: Is It Good or Not?

stevia for fatty liver

Stevia has been around for a while often dubbed as that miracle sugar substitute that comes with zero calories and no health risks. Today we’re looking at this sugar alternative from the point of view of somebody diagnosed with NAFLD: is Stevia good for fatty liver or not? Stevia was found to reduce fat levels … Read more

Is the Keto Diet Good for Fatty Liver Reversal?

Keto diet and fatty liver

There are various diets that work well when it comes to reversing fatty liver. From my personally tested and approved Mediterranean diet, to Paleo and others, you have different ways to approach it. But is the keto diet good for fatty liver reversal? Many people that have been diagnosed with a fatty liver are told … Read more

Is Cinnamon Good if You Have Fatty Liver / NAFLD?

is cinnamon safe for fatty liver

Cinnamon is considered to be not only tasty, but also extremely healthy. Ask anyone around and they will say that, without doubt, cinnamon is healthy. But is it really? And most importantly, is cinnamon good for you if you have a fatty liver? This is what we’re going to talk about in today’s article! There … Read more

Can You Fry Foods in Olive Oil if You Have a Fatty Liver?

is olive oil safe for frying

One of the first things that we have to stop eating after being diagnosed with a fatty liver is fried food. Some people still use oil to saute some foods, even if they stop deep frying. Is in this case olive oil a good choice? We already talked about the best oil for fatty liver, … Read more

Healthy & Tasty Porridge / Oatmeal Recipe Good for Fatty Liver

fatty liver porridge recipe

Porridge aka Oatmeal is a fatty-liver friendly food if you prepare it right. And in today’s article, we’re going to learn just that: how to make oatmeal or porridge as liver-friendly as possible! One of the questions that I am asked the most by readers here on Fatty Liver Diary and friends who have been … Read more

Fatty Liver: Meal Plan for a Week

Fatty Liver Meal Plan for a Week

If you are suffering from a fatty liver and you’re serious about curing it, you might end up considering that you’ll soon run out of options when it comes to what to eat. This is why I have decided to share this weekly meal plan for fatty liver: to show you that you can still … Read more

Fatty Liver (NAFLD) and Green Tea to Improve the Condition

is green tea good for fatty liver

After being diagnosed with a fatty liver condition (NAFLD), I always looked for natural ways to cleanse my liver, based on the idea that every little bit of help… helps. The truth is that I am a bit skeptical when it comes to natural remedies but in some cases, I am willing to give some … Read more

Best Bread for Fatty Liver (If You Can’t Stop Eating It)

best bread for fatty liver

Bread is a delicate subject when it comes to fatty liver. Generally speaking, you should stop eating bread if you have NAFLD. But in reality, this is very difficult to do, as bread is an important part of our diet. Which brings us to the important question – what’s the best bread to eat if … Read more