Best Exercise Types to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

best exercises for fatty liver

Exercising is an essential part in reversing your fatty liver disease. Combined with a proper diet, becoming more active will help you burn the fat accumulated inside the liver faster and get back in tip top shape. Today, we’re going to look at the best types of exercises you should do in your quest to … Read more

Can You Still Drink Alcohol with a Fatty Liver Disease?

alcohol and fatty liver

After being diagnosed with NAFLD aka non-alcoholic fatty liver (or simply Fatty Liver), some might be tempted to believe that since it’s not alcohol that caused your liver problems, you could still consume it moderately or socially. In the end, what damage can a glass of wine, after dinner, cause? Well, as we’ll see – … Read more

Reverse Fatty Liver with Fatty Liver Solution (Review)

fatty liver solution featured image

The fatty liver is a disease that can be reversed naturally, and that’s what the Fatty Liver Solution, reviewed today, is all about. I managed to reverse my fatty liver naturally by changing what I ate and how I lived my life. You can do it too. Today, several years after being diagnosed and reversing … Read more

Fatty Liver and Pain Under the Right Rib [Everything You Should Know]

fatty liver pain under right rib

Today we’re going to talk about that pain under your right rib that you felt before being diagnosed with a fatty liver (and probably afterwards). That pain that all doctors tell you it doesn’t exist… we’ve all been here probably. When I told my hepatologist that I had pain under the right rib, just before … Read more

Is Running / Jogging Good for Fatty Liver? [Complete Answer]

Is Running / Jogging Good for Fatty Liver

Running or jogging is a pretty popular exercise. You can see at least one person running in any city or town on any given day. But is running or jogging good for fatty liver? Yes, running can help you reverse your fatty liver as it can help you lose weight and burn fat. Running or … Read more

Is Fatty Liver Serious / Life Threatening? [Full Answer]

Is Fatty Liver Serious - Life Threatening

Fatty liver is a condition that is estimated to affect about 30% of adults in the US, according to the American Liver Foundation. But since most of these people don’t even know they have it, one might wonder: is fatty liver a serious condition? Is it life-threatening? While fatty liver isn’t life-threatening for many people … Read more

Is Fasting Good for Fatty Liver? [Full Answer]

Is Fasting Good For Fatty Liver

Intermittent fasting has become more and more popular over the years. While more research is needed, many experts believe that fasting is good for fatty liver as it helps reduce the amount of fat in the liver, and helps improve liver function. Today I want to get a bit more in depth on the matter … Read more

What Is Fatty Liver Grade 1, Grade 2 & Grade 3 (Answered)

fatty liver grades explained

Fatty liver disease can be broken up into different grades of severity with the lower numbers being the least serious. Grades 1 through 3 of fatty liver disease range from mild to severe, and the higher the number, the more time will be required to reverse it. In this article, we will learn what each … Read more

Five Warning Signs that You Might Have a Fatty Liver

warning signs of a fatty liver

Most of the people visiting my blog have already been confirmed with a fatty liver. But some also have some symptoms or just signs that they might have one. Today, I decided to write this article about warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore – all of which might indicate that you have a fatty liver … Read more