Is Air Fried Food Good for Fatty Liver? [Answered]

is air fried food good for fatty liver

We have to change our way of eating and cooking after being diagnosed with a fatty liver. But, at the same time, we’d like our food to taste as close to what we used to eat before, right? That’s when air fryers come to the rescue! But are they really safe for fatty liver? Let’s … Read more

Fatty Liver and Fatigue: Is there a Connection?

fatty liver and fatigue

If you’re feeling tired throughout the day and get sleepy faster than usually, this might be one of the symptoms or effects of your fatty liver. There are lots of other things that could cause the fatigue and fatty liver and liver related problems is one of them. In my case, extreme tiredness – up … Read more

Is Fatty Liver Contagious? (Or NASH?)

is fatty liver contagious

With some other liver-related diseases being contagious (like hepatitis), some people are wondering whether if a fatty liver is contagious or not. The same question goes about NASH – is it contagious or not? And in today’s article, we’re going to talk about this, so that you have no questions unanswered. And I will start … Read more

Can Fatty Liver Be Cured?

can you cure fatty liver?

One of the most common questions that I receive via email, my Fatty Liver Support group on Facebook or in person is this: “Can you cure a fatty liver?” There’s a short, sweet answer than can be offered to this question: “Yes!” But today, we’re going to go a bit more in depth about this, … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Reverse Fatty Liver?

how long does it take to reverse fatty liver

Once the initial shock of knowing you have NAFLD is over, one extremely important question takes its place: How long does it take to reverse fatty liver? The amount of time required to reverse fatty liver depends from person to person based on what grade the fatty liver is and how committed you are to … Read more

Fatty Liver with Normal Blood Tests? This Is Why It Can Happen

Before I was diagnosed with a fatty liver, I did various blood tests recommended by the doctor because I wasn’t feeling well. All sorts of tests. They all came back normal or at least nothing there showed signs of extreme worry: my cholesterol was indeed at the top limit, but still not on the red. … Read more

Can Fatty Liver Cause Itching?

Fatty Liver Itching

Itching is not one of the most common symptoms of a fatty liver, but some people experience it. Today we’re going to go in depth about this matter and see if fatty liver can cause itching and/or rashes. Itchy skin (pruritus) is sometimes associated with various liver conditions, including fatty liver (NAFLD). While uncommon, itching … Read more

Can You Still Drink Alcohol with a Fatty Liver?

After being diagnosed with NAFLD aka non-alcoholic fatty liver (or simply Fatty Liver), you might believe that since it’s not alcohol that caused your liver problems, you could still consume it moderately or socially. In the end, what damage can a glass of wine, after dinner, cause? In today’s article, we’re going to talk exactly … Read more