Fatty Liver / NAFLD Symptoms: Here’s What to Look Out For

The main symptoms associated with NAFLD are pain under the right rib, feeling tired, and bloating or nausea. There are other less common symptoms reported, like itching or developing red spots but in most cases, a fatty liver doesn’t come with any symptoms – especially in the early stages. I have had symptoms that can … Read more

Amazing, Healthy Snack Ideas for Fatty Liver Disease

healthy snack ideas for fatty liver disease

When I speak with people diagnosed with a fatty liver disease, their main complaint is that their diet is extremely restrictive and they feel like they don’t have anything to eat. You will see that is not necessarily true – not even when it comes to snacks, although most of the things we used to … Read more

Help Me Keep Fatty Liver Diary Alive

support Fatty Liver Diary

Back in 2014, I launched the website Fatty Liver Diary to track my progress in (hopefully) reversing my fatty liver diagnosis that I had just received. Fortunately, I managed to do it – and the personal blog became one of the best resources online to help others in need with the knowledge to reverse their … Read more

Fatty Liver Dinner Ideas: Healthy, Liver-Friendly Recipes

healthy dinner ideas for fatty liver disease

I’m continuing my series of recommended food ideas for those diagnosed with fatty liver disease, and today I’m focusing on healthy, liver-friendly dinner ideas. We have talked in the past about a recommended diet and I’ve even suggested breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas for you (I’ll offer links to those suggestions at the bottom of … Read more

Are Bananas Good or Bad for Fatty Liver? [Answered]

bananas and fatty liver disease

Bananas are some of the most frowned-upon fruits when it comes to fatty liver disease. The main reason why most people tell you to stay away from bananas is the high amount of carbs (aka sugars) they contain. And while this is indeed correct – bananas have a lot of sugar – they are not … Read more

Fatty Liver: How to Lose Weight Easily without Going Hungry

losing weight for fatty liver reversal

If you have a fatty liver, you are most likely overweight. If you are overweight, one of the best approaches to reduce the fat in your liver is to lose weight: experts agree that a loss of as little as 10% of your initial weight can help reduce fatty liver or reverse it completely. However, … Read more

Try to Eat as Much Organic Food as Possible if You Have a Fatty Liver

organic food

Key takeaways: When fighting against fatty liver disease, the diet you follow is probably the most important element for success. And switching to eating organic food is even better, as it helps you remove even more of the chemicals and unhealthy elements and additives. In today’s article, I will explain why you should do your … Read more

Is Watermelon Good or Bad for Fatty Liver Disease? [Answered]

watermelon for fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, but it can be reversed by following a proper diet, exercising and making the required lifestyle changes. Fruits are always a sensitive topic when it comes to what to eat with a fatty liver. Some experts say that you should stay away from … Read more