Reverse Fatty Liver with Fatty Liver Solution (Review)

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The fatty liver is a disease that can be reversed naturally, and that’s what the Fatty Liver Solution, reviewed today, is all about. I managed to reverse my fatty liver naturally by changing what I ate and how I lived my life. You can do it too. Today, several years after being diagnosed and reversing … Read more

Is Chicken Good for Fatty Liver? [Answered]

is chicken good for fatty liver

Many people believe that, once you’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver, you have to stop eating meat, including chicken. But that is not correct. Meat in general – and chicken in particular – can still be part of a healthy diet for NAFLD. Today, we will learn more about eating chicken if you have … Read more

Can You Eat Sushi if You Have a Fatty Liver? [Complete Answer]

can you eat sushi with fatty liver

Sushi is a dish consisting of cooked rice served with raw fish and vegetables. While there has been no conclusive evidence of negative health effects of eating sushi for healthy individuals, people might have to stop eating the popular Japanese food if they have fatty liver disease. Even though it does have fish – which … Read more

Fatty Liver & Lemon Water: Does It Help?

Lemon Water and fatty liver

Probably one of the first things you are told to do after being diagnosed with a fatty liver is drink Lemon Water. But is this lemon water really going to help you reverse your fatty liver? We’re going to talk about all the assumed benefits today. Lemon water has some benefits that are assumed to … Read more

Best Vitamin Supplements for Fatty Liver: What Should You Take?

best vitamin supplements for fatty liver

In most cases, following a healthy diet for fatty liver like this one I used to reverse my condition, will be enough to offer your body enough vitamins and minerals to keep a good, healthy balance and reverse NAFLD. But sometimes, a bit of a boost or extra help is extremely welcome. Especially early on … Read more

Erythritol and Fatty Liver: Should You Have It or Not?

Is Erythritol safe for fatty liver disease - answered

When dealing with a fatty liver and trying to cut down the sugars, you will stumble upon erythritol pretty often as a safe sugar substitute. But is erythritol really safe for the liver? We’re going to discuss this in today’s article and find out whether you should use erythritol if you have a fatty liver … Read more

Fatty Liver: Can You Eat Cheese?

Cheese for fatty liver

Cheese is one of the things that most of us absolutely enjoy eating. But should you eat cheese if you have a fatty liver disease? We’re going to find the answer to this question in today’s article and see what approach works best here. It would be ideal to stop eating cheese if you have … Read more

Fatty Liver and Pain Under the Right Rib [Everything You Should Know]

fatty liver pain under right rib

Today we’re going to talk about that pain under your right rib that you felt before being diagnosed with a fatty liver (and probably afterwards). That pain that all doctors tell you it doesn’t exist… we’ve all been here probably. When I told my hepatologist that I had pain under the right rib, just before … Read more

What Fruits Can You Eat if You Have a Fatty Liver?

Fruits for Fatty Liver

When it comes to eating fruits after being diagnosed with a fatty liver disease, you will most likely get mixed answers. Some will say that you have to stay away from them, while others (including myself) will tell you otherwise. Some say you should eat as many fruits as you want, other say that you … Read more