Best Teas to Protect the Liver and Help with Fatty Liver Disease

best teas for fatty liver

Any help is welcome when trying to reverse your fatty liver disease and some might come from drinking tea. Today, we’re talking about the best teas you should drink to help your liver recover faster and potentially speed up your MASLD (aka NAFLD or fatty liver) recovery. The best liver-friendly teas are those that include … Read more

Is Air Fried Food Good for Fatty Liver Disease? [Answered]

is air fried food good for fatty liver disease

We have to change our way of eating and cooking after being diagnosed with a fatty liver – that is a known fact. This means that eating some of the foods we used to eat – like deep fried ones – is no longer possible. But, at the same time, we’d like our food to … Read more

Is Cinnamon Good if You Have Fatty Liver / MASLD?

cinnamon for fatty liver disease

Cinnamon is considered to be not only tasty, but also extremely healthy. Ask anyone around and they will say that, without doubt, cinnamon is healthy for the liver. But is it really? And most importantly, is cinnamon good for you if you have a fatty liver disease? This is what we’re going to talk about … Read more

Stress & Fatty Liver: Is There a Connection?

stress and fatty liver disease

It seems like stress and the modern way of living go hand in hand. But could stress be one of the factors that might cause a fatty liver? And could it prevent you from reversing your own? Based on my personal experience and countless hours spent researching this topic, I can say I have the … Read more

Is the Paleo Diet Good for Reversing Fatty Liver? [Answered]

Paleo Diet for fatty liver disease

The Paleo diet is not one of the most popular diets / ways of eating out there, but is still an important one. I decided to check out all the diets that are recommended as healthy and see if they would indeed be useful for those diagnosed with MASLD / fatty liver disease. Today, we’re … Read more

Diet Soda and Fatty Liver Disease: Can You Drink It?

diet soda and fatty liver disease

Is diet soda allowed if you have a fatty liver disease (aka MASLD)? This is the million dollar question that we’re trying to answer today – and it’s not going to be easy! There are two sides when it comes to fatty liver and diet drinks and, as you can imagine already, they are both … Read more

Fatty Liver and Fatigue: What’s the Connection?

fatty liver fatigue

If you’re feeling tired throughout the day and get sleepy faster than usually, this might be one of the symptoms or effects of your fatty liver. Today, we’ll learn why does fatty liver cause fatigue and what to do about it. There are many other things that could be behind extreme fatigue but a fatty … Read more