I Managed to Reverse My Fatty Liver!

I reversed fatty liver

Back in September 2014, almost one month after I was diagnosed with a fatty liver, I launched this blog, convinced that I have what it takes to reverse the condition and get healthy again. Internet is amazing and you can find a lot of help if you want to and you know what to search … Read more

My Fatty Liver Diary: 5 Months Later

Five months ago, I have been diagnosed with a NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) and ever since that moment, my life has changed completely and I really feel like I got reborn. I got extremely scared when the doctor diagnosed me and told me that it’s a bit too soon to have it – I … Read more

I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Fatty Liver. What Now?

This marks the beginning of my new life: in August 2014, I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver (a non alcoholic fatty liver aka NAFL) and that was the moment when my life has changed completely. At first, I was mortified and confused. When I heard my physician say that my liver was enlarged, … Read more