Is Oatmeal Good for Fatty Liver? (And How to Eat It)

is oatmeal safe for fatty liver

Oatmeal is a common breakfast food staple, but more importantly, it’s a whole grain that’s packed with essential nutrients and has several reported health benefits, from lowering cholesterol levels, to boosting the body’s immune system. But does it mean that oatmeal is good and recommended for those who have a fatty liver / NAFLD? It … Read more

Can you Eat Honey if You Have a Fatty Liver?

is honey good for fatty liver

Fatty Liver is a condition that occurs because of fat build-up inside the liver. While it varies from person to person, it is usually caused by poor lifestyle choices and eating unhealthy foods. With sugars being one of the biggest threats for our general health – including that of our liver – you might wonder … Read more

Can You Eat Eggplant if You Have a Fatty Liver?

can you eat eggplant with fatty liver

With so many foods blacklisted after being diagnosed with a fatty liver, you end up not knowing for sure what you are allowed to eat and what not. Today, I’m here to talk to you about eggplants and fatty liver / NAFLD. The (main) culprits for a fatty liver are carbohydrates and too much fat. … Read more

Is Zucchini Good for Fatty Liver?

is zucchini safe for fatty liver

Excess weight, poor nutrition, and an unhealthy lifestyle are three of the most important causes of fatty liver disorder. Maintaining a diet full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals helps to avoid fatty liver disease and other liver problems. And with zucchini being high in vitamins and minerals, they can be considered a good food for … Read more

Are Noodles Good for Fatty Liver?

instant noodles and fatty liver

Noodles are one of the most common foods eaten worldwide. Although adults and children consume noodles everywhere, their effect on human health remains controversial and especially when a fatty liver is involved, you need to be extra careful. In this article, we will specifically talk about noodles and their effect on fatty liver. So, do … Read more

Best Fatty Liver Diet Approach: Cook Your Own Food!

cook your own food to reverse fatty liver

There are just a bunch of foods to cut off your diet when dealing with a fatty liver, but this doesn’t mean that everything else is permitted or can’t cause further damage to your liver, especially if you don’t eat those with moderation in mind. Basically, after talking to different doctors and spending countless hours … Read more

Fatty Liver & Losing Weight: How to Stay Motivated

stay motivated to lose weight for nafld

One of the most important – and at the same most difficult – things to do after you’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver is losing weight. Most of the people I have talked to have had this problem and I have struggled as well over the years. While this is normal – everybody will … Read more