12 Delicious Fatty Liver Breakfast Ideas

fatty liver breakfast ideas

I am here to share a bunch of fatty liver breakfast ideas to not only help you eat healthier food that helps with your reversal of MASLD (formerly NAFLD), but also to prove that it’s still possible to have a really varied diet with fatty liver disease. I also have a suggested weekly meal plan … Read more

Should You Go Vegan / Vegetarian to Reverse Your Fatty Liver?

vegan food for fatty liver disease

One of the constant questions that I received from people interested in reversing their fatty liver is this: Should I become vegan or vegetarian in order to reverse my fatty liver? Since this is a common concern that many people have, I decided to write about it in today’s article and hopefully help you make … Read more

Fat Free Cooking: How to Cook without Oil for a Healthy Liver

fat free cooking for fatty liver disease reversal

One of the most important rules when it comes to eating healthy and keeping your liver healthy is to cook your own food. By doing so, you control the ingredients that are used and you know that you will always choose the healthiest, safest options possible. And since you are doing this – and especially … Read more

Can You Fry Foods in Olive Oil if You Have a Fatty Liver?

can you eat foods fried in extra virgin olive oil with a fatty liver disease

Fried foods are probably the first thing we’re told to stay away from after being diagnosed with a fatty liver disease. Or maybe second, after sugar. Either way, it’s clear that the days of consuming deep fried foods are over. But can you still use the healthier option – extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) – … Read more

Is the Keto Diet Good for Fatty Liver Disease?

ketogenic diet for fatty liver disease

The good news about fatty liver disease is that there are multiple dietary approaches that work and are capable of reversing it. From my personally tested and approved Mediterranean diet, to Paleo and all sorts of other combinations, you do have options when it comes to what to eat. But is the ketogenic diet also … Read more

Fatty Liver Recipes: 17 Liver-Friendly Ideas You’ll Love

fatty liver friendly recipes

Today, I have a real treat for you: 17 recipes that are liver-friendly and perfect for those diagnosed with a fatty liver disease. I have tested and prepared these MANY times and I can promise that they taste good and give you enough variety when preparing lunch or dinner. All these recipes are foods that … Read more

Best Teas to Protect the Liver and Help with Fatty Liver Disease

best teas for fatty liver

Any help is welcome when trying to reverse your fatty liver disease and some might come from drinking tea. Today, we’re talking about the best teas you should drink to help your liver recover faster and potentially speed up your MASLD (aka NAFLD or fatty liver) recovery. The best liver-friendly teas are those that include … Read more