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Healthy & Tasty Porridge / Oatmeal Recipe (Good for Fatty Liver!)

One of the questions that I am asked the most by readers here on Fatty Liver Diary and friends who have been diagnosed with a NAFLD is: “What to eat?”

Apparently there is this misconception that once you are diagnosed with a fatty liver, you can no longer eat good food (as in tasty) and, even more, your eating options are extremely limited.

This is definitely not the case, as we’ve already seen in previous articles that I wrote, where I shared with you just a few fatty liver-safe breakfast ideas or lunch ideas, but I have decided to start a new series that many people might love and share some actual recipes that are easy to prepare, tasty and safe for those suffering from a fatty liver.

Today we’re starting with one of my favorites: a quick and easy porridge (or oatmeal, depending on the country you’re reading this from) recipe that is good for a fatty liver. I eat this probably 7-8 times a month and I can never get enough!

Oats are good because they are high in fiber and also beta-glucans, the latter being considered responsible for lowering cholesterol levels and keeping your body healthy.

They do pack a punch in terms of carbs, but I consider them natural and safe carbs so I don’t shy away from eating them. It’s a similar approach to that with fruits – I ate a lot of them despite many considering them a big no because of their high sugar content and I still reversed my fatty liver.

Now, these being said, let’s check out my tasty homemade porridge recipe (oatmeal recipe) that’s good for a fatty liver!

– 1 cup of oat flakes (go with something that is all natural, has nothing added and oats that are as little processed as possible – like rolled oats)
– 1 cup of water and 1 cup of milk (if you want to keep it extra light, go for 2 cups of water instead, if you want to make it tastier, go for 2 cups of milk. I prefer to mix them for a good balance). Extra water might be needed
– 3/4 cups of frozen blueberries
– half a cup of frozen sour cherries
– half a cup of frozen strawberries
– 2 Tbs of coconut flakes
– 1 tbs of raw honey
– a bit of cinnamon if you like it (but make sure to eat a safe one)

How to prepare this delicious breakfast

It’s all very easy to do! Just put the milk and water in a cooking pot on medium heat and add the oat flakes after a couple of minutes. Stir constantly.

When the mixture starts to boil, keep stirring for about 3 more minutes, then add the frozen fruit.

On the ingredients list I shared the fruits that I use, but you can use any frozen or even fresh fruit and change the quantities as well. Make it your own!

Just make sure you don’t use only fruits that are too sugary (like bananas) and that they are 100% fruit (so no dried fruits as they usually have a ton of sugar added!).

Keep stirring in your porridge until it gets a nice, dark red color and the frozen fruits get a bit warm. This usually takes a few more minutes on medium heat.

I don’t really like the fruits turned into a puree… but if you want to, simply keep the tasty porridge / oatmeal above the fire for longer and keep stirring.

Once done, take your porridge/oatmeal and divide it in three bowls (that’s right, you’ve just prepared three breakfasts!) In the bowl that you’re going to eat right away, add the coconut flakes and the honey (plus the cinnamon if you want it) and stir a bit more until everything’s mixed together well.

Next, enjoy your delicious, healthy breakfast!

You can add your own combination of fresh and/or frozen fruit, and also nuts and seeds.

For the other bowls, just put it in your fridge. When you want to have them, simply heat a bowl in your microwave oven the next day (I usually add a bit of extra milk too as the oats suck all the liquid). Again, add the coconut and honey before eating and… that’s it!

Alternative recipe: overnight oats

Because I got a bit lazy with the entire boiling part, I gave the overnight oats a try and found out that I like them even better for some reason. The oats have a different consistency, even though it’s almost the same thing.

So instead of following the recipe above, do this: the night before, add 1/3 cups of rolled oats to a bowl and 1 cup of milk (you can halve it with water if you want somthing lighter). Leave it overnight in the fridge.

Next day, simply heat the overnight oats in the microwave and add the frozen fruit afterwards, and stir them well. You can add fresh fruit if you want to, but don’t add them in the bowl the night before, because they get all mushy and meh.

I also started by adding one teaspoon of honey, but reduced it to half a teaspoon in order to keep the sugars low. Add more fruit for flavor and you won’t need added sugars eventually.

If you don’t want to use honey, you can use any of my recommended sugar alternatives, but don’t use white sugar! That is an ingredient that should disappear from your pantry if you have been diagnosed with NAFLD.

Do you enjoy porridge / oatmeal? I am sure you will anyway after trying one of my recommended ones out.

I hope you like the idea of me sharing some fatty liver recipes with you – if you do, let me know and I will make sure to share even more with you in the future.


  1. Lynn,
    I love oatmeal and prefer the steel cut oats (although they do take much more time to make). I will make my oatmeal in the crockpot (overnight) at the first of the week and that gives me enough for 5 days. My question is, while I do enjoy the fruit and nuts and the “sweet” side of oatmeal, I love it savory. Salt and butter. Now I know butter is FAT, so would you recommend coconut oil as a replacement, or just leave the fat out? Thanks.

  2. Hello
    Thank you for publishing this. I was just diagnosed today. I look forward to any and all recipes or recommendations you have.

  3. I just got diagnosed with a fatty liver disease and I am a bit scared, you are the only blog that actually has been helpful thank you.

    1. Really happy to hear that, Karina. I’ll do my best to provide useful, up to date information and help as many people as possible reverse their condition.

  4. newly diagnosed NAFLD and so bogged down with what i can and cant eat , i am afraid to eat much at all so much conflicting information i cant chew nuts etc ( TMJ ) and other issues with severe arthritis

  5. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy oatmeal porridge alot too and am now empowered with some new ideas – perfect! I’d also recommend bircher style overnight oats using grated apple and low fat yoghurt.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely give this a try – it comes perfect as we just harvested a bunch of apples from our yard 🙂

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