Best Fatty Liver Diet Approach: Cook Your Own, Real Food

There are just a bunch of foods to cut off when dealing with a fatty liver, but this doesn’t mean that everything else is permitted or can’t cause further damage to your liver. Basically, after talking to different doctors and spending countless hours researching this condition over the internet, I created a simple rule that has to be followed by those who want to reverse a fatty liver:

Cook your own food. Eat REAL food.

Right now, all foods seem to come in a can. If you want a salad dressing, it’s in a bottle. If you want to bake your own bread, you have the pre-mix readily available. And if it’s not in a can, a jar or a bottle, then it’s in a bag. And it’s not real food on most occasions, hurting your liver a lot, without you even knowing that you’re harming yourself.

Real food is really hard to come by nowadays. Most of the food that we can eat in restaurants is not real food and it’s clearly not suited for a healthy fatty liver diet: saturated fats, fried foods, the use of ingredients that are full of preservatives and other chemicals – a ticking bomb for our liver. Also, most of the food that we can get in grocery stores is not real food and therefore you should avoid it.

What is real food?

Any type of fresh fruit or vegetable, as well as fresh meat and most dairy products can be considered real food. These should represent the foundation of your new eating habits. But fortunately, you don’t have to stop here. Canned food can also be part of the “real food” that your body and especially fatty liver needs, as well as a huge array of frozen foods. Here is how to choose real food that is canned, frozen or available in a bottle/bag:

– check out the list of ingredients. If you need to take a couple more chemistry lessons to understand the list, that’s not real food. You should stay away from preservatives, the E range of chemicals, flavor enhancers and high quantities of added sugars (like fructose).

– the fewer ingredients, the better. Have you ever checked out the list of ingredients on your daily bread? I was shocked to see all those lines of ingredients, when normally there should be only a few. Therefore, a golden rule of thumb is that the fewer ingredients are listed on the can, the better. Of course, if there’s a natural sauce with tens of different herbs and spices, that can also be considered safe. If you want beans, the ingredient list should have beans, water and maybe salt. Nothing else!

– go Organic. If you can afford organic foods, then go for it. Be it fresh vegetables, meat or canned food, if it’s organic, then it’s better than the non-organic type. Just use common sense and consider all fatty liver diet related things before purchasing. Simply because a product is organic, it doesn’t mean that it’s also safe for a fatty liver (although usually most of the organic foods are)

Best fatty liver diet: cook your own food

This will probably be the biggest challenge for you, even bigger than switching to real food. But cooking your own food using fresh ingredients or, better said, real ingredients whether they come from the farmer’s market, can or bag in your freezer, is the real challenge. Cooking is time consuming, is a bit difficult and you will fail on numerous occasions, especially if you’re not an experienced cook.

But it’s the only approach if you want to be 100% sure that you have total control on your diet.

Ever since I have been diagnosed with a fatty liver, most of the food that I eat is food that I personally cook (or my wife, actually). This way, you have control on a few key factors for a healthy fatty liver diet: oil intake, sugar intake and ingredients. Controlling these three alone means a lot for your general health and your fight to reverse fatty liver.

It might seem that you have very limited options out there because the number of ingredients you can use is relatively small and you can only boil or grill, but using your imagination and the ton of healthy recipes blogs over the internet will soon prove you wrong. I will share my own fatty liver recipes here on this blog too, helping you cook quick meals that are delicious and 100% made by you from real foods.

This is indeed a difficult task and something you might not be used with. Most important, it might seem that you don’t have the time to cook for yourself every day, or even every few days and indeed it’s pretty frustrating, especially at first. But it’s something you will get used to, you HAVE to get used to because it’s your life that we’re talking about. And your life and well being should be put on the top of the list of your priorities. You might miss one of your favorite shows while you cook, you might have to stay up for 30 minutes more and therefore sleep a little less, but soon this will become a healthy habit and one you will get to love. Even better, your liver will start loving it and you will be happy you made this choice.

Because this is the best fatty liver diet approach: cooking your own, real food!

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